Woman and Zomato delivery boy both told their versions.

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The Zomato case in Bangalore is now known to be a hot topic across the country. The young woman, who claims to be the victim of the order and the delivery boy both told themselves and their versions. The two made different arguments. At last, Zomato co-founder came to the screen. It was clarified that if both persons come forward on this issue, they will support each other as much as possible

Zomato Cofounder said we are looking into the medical costs of the victim. On the other hand, we are also talking to delivery boy Kamaraj. He said a positive decision may come soon. It seems that Zomato has suspended Kamaraj for a few days. Police are also investigating the case.

Zomato Cofounder said that Kamaraj has delivered 5000 deliveries so far and has received an average rating of 4.75 from customers out of 5 ratings. It says it has one of the highest ratings ever. Kamaraj said he has been associated with them for 26 months. Earlier delivery boy Kamaraj had heard his version on the matter. He has denied all the allegations against him. Kamaraj said the woman first abused him and hit him with sandals.

The delivery boy said “I went to her house to giving an order. I am waiting for money because of cash on delivery. The woman screamed angrily when the delivery was delayed. Even Though, I told her “sorry” but she insisted on taking the order and not giving the money.  she’s talking to chat support when I asked for money and used vulgar language. Zomato Support canceled the order in this order. I asked her to give me that food back. With this, she behaved excessively. With this, I went back from there. She started slapping me. With this, I restrained myself in the hand in order to protect myself. With this, her ring did scratch her nose and she started bleeding, ”he explained.

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