A young man studying IAS suddenly commits suicide

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Young man studying IAS, a honey trap affair

A young man studying IAS committed suicide because of a Honey Trap affair: A young man who dreamed of becoming an IAS has suddenly died. Parents do not understand why such a well-educated person committed suicide. The message that came to his phone in this order solved the case mystery. 

The sister immediately read the message and ran to the police. She complained that her brother had committed suicide after falling into the trap of cybercriminals. Bringing the suspects to the PS giving them a chance in their own style this Khiladi batch affair came out.

 However, the police initially thought it was a Honey Trap affair. A girl who spoke nude calls, Police thought she blackmailed him with those videos. However, this country batch who made a nude call without the girl, Police were shocked to see the most intelligent.

A young man studying IAS, he is from Bhattarahalli preparing with the aim of becoming an IAS. He accepted a friendship request from a girl to his Facebook account that was the mistake he made. Afterward, the young man was trapped in her beautiful talking and talked through a nude video call. Shortly afterward, nude videos of him speaking appeared on WhatsApp. 

Cybercriminals who sent the videos started harassing for money. The young man made some money adjustments but he committed suicide because he could not bear the pressure of repeatedly making calls and texting and bothering for money.

After interrogation based on the message, the accused Robin (22) and Javed (25) were found in the Bharatpur district of Rajasthan. The police who went there saw Stars. The villagers stopped into the police knowing that they had come to arrest the accused. The matter was immediately reported to the Bharatpur SP. With the help of 40 local policemen, the accused were arrested and brought to Bengaluru.

While investigating the accused, the police came to know about the mind-blowing things. Only the smartphone is used to trap the young man. He was believed to be making a nude video call to a young woman with the help of a smartphone. Those videos were recorded and harassment began. However, the police were stunned when it was revealed that a nude video call was made with the young woman without the actual girl.

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