Why schools and colleges should open?

Why schools and colleges should open?

Why schools and colleges should open? The High Court.

The High Court has expressed outrage at the state government for opening schools and colleges, warning that if the world warns of a third wave threat, its impact will be greater on children. HC questioned who would be responsible if innocent children got the coronavirus if schools were opened before the corona ended. Can you guarantee that children will not get corona? Asked. It warns against overconfidence. She asked if the rooms in the dormitory were bully, and if there were 25 to 45 students there, what would they all want if Corona came. 

The High Court questioned the government on how it would announce that the educational institutions would be opened before the full scale is tied up. Chief Justice Hima Kohli said that before issuing guidelines for opening schools and colleges, the status of students should be taken into consideration. She expressed skepticism about what students would do if adults did not practice physical distance. A division bench of Chief Justice Hima Kohli and Justice B Wijeratne Reddy on Wednesday heard several pills filed against Corona. The government has reiterated that it will take steps to reduce the number of corona tests in the wake of warnings of a third wave. 

The government has ordered the inclusion of teachers and non-teaching staff in the high-risk category in the wake of experts warning that Delta Wave would be the third phase. Sandeep Sultania, the chief secretary of the education department, who was present at the hearing, said that guidelines on the launch of educational institutions would be issued soon and that parents’ permission was required for students to attend. Schools opened in February last year but attendance was not mandatory. Permission was granted with the permission of the parents. 

The government was also directed to report on how the families of teachers and junior lecturers who died with Corona while participating in election duties were protected by the government. PF also ordered all the benefits of retirement. The government has identified 170 orphans in the state, of which 143 have been handed over to caregivers. The High Court has asked a number of questions after examining the life of the charges levied on the corona vaccine. It was a mistake not to say what action would be taken if GO violated and charged fees. The list of charges should be kept at the counters of all hospitals. 

The government said in an affidavit that it had received 350 complaints against 117 hospitals for charging high fees and paid Rs 72 lakh to the victims. He said 30 complaints had been settled and 22 hospitals had had their corona medical licenses revoked, adding that hospitals would have to pay higher fees if they were fined ten times the amount of the higher fees. It was once again directed to file an affidavit regarding the filling of vacant posts in the medical health department. 

Although the affidavit was filed late, the DGP erred in not explaining the latest situation. The High Court held that it would be easier for orphaned children in the state to be contacted if an officer gives them a phone number for every ten people. Violence against housewives is on the rise due to online jobs and education. The respective departments are required to file affidavits with comprehensive details on all the issues raised by them. The trial was adjourned to July 7.

Corona therapy prices are finalized

The state government has finally moved on to the issue of corona treatments. Here are the details regarding prices in private and corporate hospitals. The High Court, along with Akshinta, ordered Covid to set new rates. The state government has fixed the prices of tests and treatments for the disease in private hospitals. To this end, the Secretary of State for Health, S. A. M. Rizvi, has issued GO No. 401. 

The concerned authorities have been directed to strictly enforce GO to charge patients the same prices as specified by the government. Hospitals that admit corona patients now charge a maximum of Rs. 4,000, in the ICU ward a maximum of Government orders to charge Rs 7,500. An ICU room with a ventilator costs a maximum of Rs. 9,000. 

PPE Kit is priced at Rs. 273 should not be exceeded. HRCT Rs. 1995, Digital X-Ray Rs. 300, IL‌6 Rs. 1300, d-dimer test Rs.800, CRP Rs. 500, Procal cytosine Rs. 1400, Fiesta Inn Rs. 400, L DH Rs. Decided to be 140. The minimum charge for a normal ambulance is Rs. 2,000 Kilometer Rs. 75, the minimum charge for an oxygen ambulance is Rs. 3,000 KiloMeter Rs. 125 is to be charged.

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