Who will listen to their problems?

Who will listen to their problems?

Who will listen to their problems?

Residents complained that the authorities were harassing them as they were evacuating villages without compensation for those who lost everything in the construction of the Mallanna Sagar project and for not being able to evacuate villages without any compensation. They wrote a letter to the CM asking him to do them justice. The letter was sent to the CM’s office via e-mail. Earlier a similar letter was sent to the CM’s office in a post on Saturday. 

On this occasion, the residents said in front of the Yeti Gadda Kistapur panchayat in the Thoguta zone of Siddipet district that they were angry that the government had started land acquisition for the Mallanna Sagar project in 2016 but they have not been compensated till today. He said that 250 yards of houses and plots have not been registered and given to R&R beneficiaries so far. 

Awareness was expressed that the checks were issued and withheld and then thrown back around the bank. Siddipet District Collector‌, wandering around the RDO offices and asking about the compensation many times. They say that they will give but today they are angry that it has not been given. 

For asking to evacuate the villages without giving compensation. The authorities have expressed concern that they are facing many difficulties. Awareness was expressed that there was no water supply due to non-supply of electricity every day and that it was too late for drinking water or drinking. 

They also said that there were no roads to go to the hospital in case of any mishap. Tears were shed that two of the villagers had already been killed for not going out in an emergency. He said that there was a sub-center in the primary health center and whenever 104 ambulances arrived there they would give medicines to those with diabetes every month and today the arrival of those drugs was causing severe hardship to the victims.

He said the lack of at least grocery stores in the villages was an unfortunate situation where even essential items could not be found. Allegedly, single women are talking nonsense without giving R&R compensation to the elderly. Not only did they go to court for not getting compensation, but they also said that the project was not built. They said in the letter that they had never gone to court to be given lands and houses. The CM informed KCR about this and asked them to do justice to themselves.

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