Virus in drinking water. Will it become more dangerous?

Virus in drinking water survive for two days

Virus in drinking water would only survive for two days:

Corona deaths booming across the country. Different arguments have been made about the status of the coronavirus in this context. Recently, however, there have been reports of corona spreading in drinking water. 

Dr. Rakesh Mishra, Director, Center for Cellular and Molecular Biology (CCMB) gave a mixed explanation. He said the corona would survive for two days even in drinking water and the virus would survive depending on the water temperature and other substances in it. On Saturday at Zoom to raise awareness of the Kovid virus, he spoke with Divvatej Karthik, who is actively involved in the genome discovery of the coronavirus at CCMB.

Coldwater at temperatures of 4 to 12 degrees Celsius has the potential to infect the virus. The virus dies within minutes at 65 degrees in hot water. The virus in water alone does not cause infection. It requires a few hundred cells in particular to enter the body. 

However, Drinking water goes directly into the stomach. So there is no danger. Cases of covid transmission through drinking water have not been reported anywhere in our country. So that is not a matter of concern. It is advisable to take lukewarm water and hot ingredients as a precaution. He said the virus is currently being transmitted from human to human only through the air.

Also, it is not possible to say when the coronavirus will end. Everyone can control the epidemic in two months by getting vaccinated and taking precautions. He also said that more medicines will be available in the coming days. Clinically speaking, there are no major changes in the second wave compared to the first wave. 

The same symptoms, the same mortality rate. This time there is propaganda that it is spreading fast and that it is more likely to infect children. There are no definitive studies on this. Avoid weddings and birthday celebrations. Do not go to crowded places and stay in airy, unlit rooms for long periods of time. Rakesh Mishra said that the virus is not spread by mosquitoes.

Know the benefits of Drinking Water after waking up.

Also, know more about Coronavirus spread worldwide.

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