Ugadi festival in Srisailam

Ugadi festival in Srisailam devotees from Karnatka Tamil Nadu Telangana

Ugadi festival in Srisailam: The Ugadi festival at the Srisailam Maha Kshetra begins on Saturday. EO KS Rama Rao said arrangements have been made for the millions of devotees coming from Karnataka, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, and Telangana. The decorative darshans of Sri Bhramaramba and Mallikarjuna Swamy will start from 3 am on Friday and will continue till 12 midnight except for the afternoon pollination. 

Direct, indirect, Homam, and anointing services, which are regularly performed except for the Nithya Kalyanotsavam, Ekanta Seva for Swamy, and Ammavaru, have been discontinued. As a large number of pilgrims from different states reach the field, there is a widespread campaign in the respective languages ​​for everyone to cooperate in complying with the covid rules. Similarly, cool shelter, parking, sanitation, indicator boards, cultural programs, freshwater supply, medical services, and Annaprasada distribution camps have been set up for the pilgrims, he said.

Swami on Bhringi Vahana today

As part of the Ugadi Mahotsava, after special morning worship, shodashopachara rituals are performed for the ancestors seated on the Bhringi vehicle in the ornamental mandapa. Afterward, the mother will appear in the Mahalakshmi attire at the village festival.

Devotees reach Srigiri on a pilgrimage

The streets of Pura are jammed with devotees coming to the shrine from different places. The number of devotees coming to Swamy and Mother’s vision is increasing day by day, making pilgrimages in remembrance of Lord Shiva without even counting hot weather.

Donor services are delightful

EO KS Rama Rao said that the services of voluntary organizations and donors who come forward to distribute fruits and face masks free of cost along with the distribution of Annaprasada to Shiva devotees are gratifying.

Coconut offering

Kumbh Utsav service was held on Friday morning for Srisaila Bhramaramba. On this occasion, special pujas were performed around the temple with traditional Kumbha Harati and Satvik Bali as turmeric and saffron coconuts.

Lakh donation to Nithya anna dana scheme

Rajeshwara Rao of Visakhapatnam donated a check of Rs.1,01,116 On Friday the temple superintendent made a donation in the form of a cheque to Saikumari.

Bhramarambika held a Uyaala service for the mother on Friday evening. Ankalamma, the village goddess, was anointed according to the scriptures and special pujas were performed. Devotees visit Ankalamma Amma, who appears on the right with a sword, a serpent-wrapped dharmikam, and on the left with a cup and a trident.

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