‘Big Country-Big Mission’, Two challenges facing by the students?

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Two challenges

Schools in the country have been closed since the year. About 260 million students are in these schools. Schools have recently opened in some states. But, only for students in larger classes. In a way, schools are closed for a year. But, there were two types of education during this closed period. One, online classes. Second, education in mohallas in public places. However, these are not enough to teach lessons in schools on a daily basis. There are basically some issues with online lessons. Most students do not have the finances and infrastructure to listen to online lessons. But, naturally, the benefit of the lessons taught by the teacher in the school is not so great with these online classes. But, the number of people listening to online classes has increased tremendously due to the corona. Online classes also started between November and December. That means half an academic year has already passed, and when it comes to mohallas there are also classes said. But, it says no more than four and a half hours a week. In the same schools, however, there used to be lessons for 6 hours a day. Two challenges facing by the students.

Two challenges facing by the Students are, One, they could not learn enough to learn in the year 2020 – 21. Second, when schools close in 2020, now they forgot the things which they already know. The first type of damage is irreparable. Suppose a fourth grader is studying online classes that student, a fourth-grader, cannot acquire enough knowledge through online classes. The second type of loss, A fourth grader may have forgotten what he or she had previously read in the third grade in the classroom because of online classes. But, we all can restore it and overcome the two challenges.

The task we have to do after the schools open is to first teach them what to learn, and then to revisit the things they forgot in the previous classes. We conducted a survey on this in 44 districts of the country and collected Samples from 16,067 people. 2000 teachers also helped in this. Our team of 400 people worked hard and surveyed on this. The gist of the survey is that this is definitely something to look out for.

Of those who received them in March 2020, 82% forgot the fundamentals. 92% have forgotten the basics of the language. After that, the elements that were the foundation for learning in the classes were also erased from their brains. Many students have forgotten additions and subtractions. Most students can no longer read a Paragraph.

See details of that survey.

We need to develop a system for this across the country. We have a lot to do to face this big challenge. Teachers should be given enough time to get out of this. Students need to be able to re-learn what they have lost. The 2021 academic year should be increased. Summer vacations should be canceled. What is not important in the syllabus should be removed or transfer that part of the syllabus to the next class. This is not easy to achieve if they do not have enough time. Adequate support should be provided by teachers and students. The training required by the teachers, some of the tools, should make each student better able to meet.

That deficit would have remained the same if 260 million students had not focused on what they lost this year. After that, it has an impact on students, those in the community will face some problems after that. The country needs a ‘big country – big mission’ to meet this challenge.

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