Frustration of this Generation Women, Episode No.2 ‘Travel Diaries’

Travel Diaries

“Travel Diaries”

People travel. Well, flash news!!!!!!!!. All the time……to other places for fun, pilgrims, for work and just for the heck of it. We travel with friends, families and if you want to get away from the serious drama in your life…..then alone. There are basically 2 kinds of travelers……the one who packs like Monica Geller and the other being the exact opposite.  And then there is one more kind…….kind who travels with kids. The first type of category just falters how much ever you try… keep forgetting at least one important item. And if the luck is bad… forget more than one important item. But do you know what makes this kind of situation better……the people who travel with you…….your friends, your parents, or your life partner. But imagine this generation husband, the kind of an adult man-child, it feels like death is an easy option instead of traveling with them. Handling a child and a man-child is no different, and also maybe handling a man-child is more difficult because he weighs his opinion and does not try to listen to others even his idea is more like an idea from the book of shittiest ideas ever. They keep forgetting the important fact that they are responsible for half the baby being born. So just instead of acting like a sperm donor start acting like a father and the husband you are. Trying to get the wife/partner to do all the work makes the journey horrible…..take turns to chores and taking care of each other is also soo helpful. Help your partner during traveling and weigh your opinions prior to you get to traveling rather than shoving these ideas on the road. The world is full of wonderous things and they can only be appreciated if you have a peaceful and pleasant mind and your health should cooperate. Making beautiful memories are very important now so that we can appreciate our love for our families, so not only the destination matter but the journey too. Plan with your partner and be tolerant. So yaa…….kids are difficult to handle…..just don’t make this hell worse than it already is. Thank you to all the lovely partners out there who help with traveling with the kids. And a shout out to all the moms handling the children and the situation all the same.



Take the meds and extra clothes. They never hurt to carry.



Until next time…………………………………………….


Antarvedi Tejaswini.

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459 vacancies in BRO
Vaanidevi has won MLC Elections. Fire Accident at due to celebrations

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