TPCC chief announcement in a few more hours

TPCC chief announcement

TPCC chief announcement reached its final stage:

The time has come to end the suspense over who will get the TPCC reins. The TPCC chief selection announcement, which Telangana Congress leaders have been waiting for almost a year, has reached its final stage. With this, the optimistic Telangana Congress seniors are busy with the work of the pyre in Hastinapur. Among them were Revanth Reddy, KomatReddy Venkata Reddy, Madhu Yashki, Bhatti Vikramarka, who were engaged in appeasing the top Congress leaders in delhi. MP Komatireddy Venkatreddy stayed in delhi for several days while PCC Working President Revanth Reddy left for delhi on Friday. CLP leader Bhatti Vikramarka is also in delhi. All of them are lobbying for a photo contest for the PCC chief. It is learned that a leader and his family left for delhi with the assurance that the PCC chief was almost finalized.

Meanwhile, the announcement of the TPCC chief selection has been pending for several days. The leaders were deeply disappointed that the High Command had not made any decision on the matter. They have to choose themselves. They have also taken up lobbying. To whom are they .. advertising and opening up to confusion. Even before the party high command announced the names of anyone to whom the PCC was theirs. Tea Congress leaders based in delhi are in talks with state party chief Manickam Tagore. The announcement of the new chief of the TPCC on Monday looks almost certain. The AICC is conducting a final exercise on the selection of the PCC chief in this order.

Telangana Congress state affairs in-charge Manickam Tagore, who is in Tamil Nadu, arrived in delhi on Saturday on the orders of his superiors. Manikkam is in talks with AICC chief Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi, and other key leaders to finalize the Telangana party president. However, there is a campaign in delhi circles that the party high command is leaning towards Rewanth. The Congress High Command is planning to pacify Revanth by giving key positions in the AICC to other leaders in case the PCC is given.

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Heavy rain forecast for Telugu states in the next two days
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