Top 10 countries in the Summer Olympic medals

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Top 10 countries

Top 10 countries in the Summer Olympic medals:

Top 10 countries in the Summer Olympics. The modern Olympics began in Athens in 1896. However, some countries completely dominated the Games and won medals. Also, a few other countries struggled to win medals. So far in the history of the Summer Olympics, a total of 15,683 medals have been won by various countries. These included 5,116 gold medals, 5,080 silver medals, and 5,487 bronze medals. Let’s take a look at the rankings of many countries based on their Summer Olympics medals.

United States of America (USA)

USA athletes continue to top the list of countries that have won the most medals at the Summer Olympics. The USA won a total of 2,523 medals. This includes 1,022 gold medals, 795 silver, and 706 bronze medals.


The Russians finished second with a total of 1556 medals. Russia won 590 gold, 486 silver, and 480 bronze medals.


Germany came in third. German athletes won a total of 1,346 medals in Olympic history, including 428 gold, 444 silver, and 474 bronze.

Great Britain

Great Britain, ranked fourth in terms of medals won at the Olympics, has won a total of 851 Summer Olympic medals. This includes 263 gold medals, 295 silver, and 293 bronze medals.


China is the most populous country in the world, ranking fifth on the Summer Olympics All-Time medallist. If you look at the top ten places. China is the second country to win the most medals from Asia. The Dragon Athletes won a total of 546 medals, including 224 gold, 167 silver, and 155 bronze.


France finished sixth with a total of 716 Olympics medals. This includes 212 gold medals. In addition, the country’s athletes won 241 silver and 263 bronze medals.


In terms of medals, Italy finished seventh with 577 Summer Olympic medals. This includes 206 gold medals, 178 silver, and 193 bronze medals.


Italy is followed by Hungary with 491 medals. It continues in eighth place with 175 gold, 147 silver, and 169 bronze medals.


The Australians continue in ninth place with 497 medals. The country has won 147 gold, 163 silver, and 187 bronze medals so far.


Sweden is ranked tenth in terms of medals. The country won a total of 494 medals, three less than Australia. This includes 145 gold medals, 170 silver, and 179 bronze medals.


With 28 Olympic medals, India continues to be ranked 53rd along with Colombia and Slovakia. The Indian athletes won 9 gold, 7 silver, and 12 bronze medals.

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