The Covid situation in India is worse, the World Health Organization is concerned

the World Health Organization, it would send oxygen

The World Health Organization is concerned: The World Health Organization head Tedros expressed concern that the covid situation in India was worse. He said they would do everything they could to help the country overcome the crisis. He said the real situation was unpredictable and it was “surprising” that India, which has helped other countries, could face such a crisis. Tedros said it would send oxygen concentrators, prefabricated mobile field hospitals, and laboratories to India. 

He said 2,600 professionals working in various programs, including polio and tuberculosis, were being sent to India to assist officers and medical personnel. Covid cases have been on the rise around the world for the past 9 weeks. He said it was commendable that some countries were coming forward to support India during this difficult time, adding that he hoped more countries would take the initiative in this regard.

In India alone, 2,812 corona patients died in a single day. The death toll rose to about 2 lakh. As of Monday, 352,991 cases had been reported. France, along with the United States and Britain, has recently come forward to assist India. 

WHO, it would send oxygen to India.

From that country, state-of-the-art oxygen concentrators and other medical equipment will reach India. The French government has stated that it is its duty to support the Indian people during this difficult time for India. The government has promised to provide more assistance in the future than in the present.

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