Do you know the news about Golden Temple?

Golden Temple is known as the 'Golden Temple of Amritsar'.

The state of Punjab, the city of Amritsar. The famous Golden Temple is known as the ‘Golden Temple of Amritsar’ by the people of other states. The name of the golden temple is Harmandir Sahib. In fact Harimandir‌. Harmandir became obsolete. Also known as Darbar Sahib. Hari does not mean Vishnu and Hara does not mean Shiva. ‘Hari’ is a name given in the sense of God. The temple is located in the middle of the lake. The name of the lake is ‘Amrita Sara’. It means a lake full of nectar. The place also got its name from the lake. This is the lake dug for the temple.

The name of gold

The event that reminds us of the Golden Temple of Amritsar is Operation Blue Star. After that Indira Gandhi was brutally assassinated. The riots that followed, the Khalistan movement. This effect is still haunting us for a generation. Going even further the construction of this temple, which was subjected to attacks, went on a rampage. The determination of the Sikhs to rebuild the plant with dedication is understandable no matter how many attacks take place. At first, it was not gold plating. The shrine was rebuilt by Maharaja Ranjit Singh after the establishment of the Sikh Empire in the 19th century. Then he did the gold plating. The temple has been known as the Golden Temple ever since. By then all the names in use had fallen into obscurity. The temple is a UNESCO World Heritage Site nominee. The official announcement is yet to come.

In front of the temple … after the village

The temple is usually lit after the town has expanded. The spacious temple courtyard serves to bring together the villagers and organize mass activities. The front hall was built here. Other structures required for the maintenance of the temple were continued. They had to live for months. They built houses for them. All the essentials for human life must be found where they are. Traders were therefore invited. So settled. Sikh shrine. It is said that visiting this temple alone will result in a visit to 68 temples. The dining hall run by the Sikhs is open to all. Vegetarian meals are cooked. Up to a million people dine here daily.

Centennial kitchen

The name of Dhaba is Kesar Da Dhaba. It is about a kilometer away from the Golden Temple. This is a kitchen that has been around for hundreds of years. National leaders Lala Lajpat Rai, Jawaharlal Nehru, and later Indira Gandhi also used to make lots for Lachcha Paratha and Dal Makhani. However, this Dhaba has not been here for hundreds of years. Lala Kesar Mall was started by his wife Parvati in 1916 in Sheikhupura, Pakistan. The couple moved Dhaba to Amritsar during the partition. At that time only Lachha Roti-Dal Makhani was cooked. Now hot crispy hot crisp paratha, creamy lassi, Punjabi thali, and Firni are also being cooked. But if you go to see the Golden Temple then don’t forget to taste the Punjabi cuisine in this Dhaba.

Keep cooking all-day

Punjabi dishes are cooked in a copper pot for eight to twelve hours. On one side is a large bowl of dal makhani cooked with rajma nuts, fresh cream, and yogurt. In one vessel on the other side are Forney, large copper and brass vessels opposite the eyes. Dishes over low heat throughout the day remain on the heat without losing freshness.

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