Telangana is building illegal projects? AP Minister Anil Kumar Yadav

Telangana is building illegal projects

Telangana is building illegal projects? AP Minister Anil Kumar Yadav about the Krishna and Godavari river water disputes:

Telangana is building illegal projects? The Krishna and Godavari river water disputes are fueling disputes between the two Telugu states. Judging by the mutual complaints, the water dispute between AP and Telangana seems to be getting more complicated. AP Irrigation Minister Anil Kumar has publicly expressed impatience that illegal projects are being hatched in Telangana. It has been revealed that a complaint has already been lodged with the Center over illegal projects being constructed by Telangana. He made it clear that he would complain in the future if they made a mistake. Is the project being constructed by Telangana at Sunkesula in Jogulamba Gadwal district on Tungabhadra river legal? Asked Minister Anil Kumar Yadav. There is nothing wrong with you … is it wrong if we do according to the rules? He was incensed.

He reiterated that nowhere in the AP are illegal projects being built. “We are expanding the Pothireddypadu Head Regulator so that we can get enough water from the Krishna River for our share,” he said. He said construction of projects in Rayalaseema, which is subject to the law, has been undertaken and the share of water allotted to AP has not been violated anywhere. The Minister reminded that if the water level in Srisailam Dam is above 881 feet, water can be taken from the Pothireddypadu Head Regulator. He questioned whether the Srisailam Dam water level was 848 feet. He said that so far 44,000 cusecs of water could be obtained from Pothireddypadu in 15 days, so he asked the Telangana government to tell him if it would be wrong to set up another embankment scheme at Pothireddypadu.

Telangana is cutting 6 TMC projects

AP Heavy Irrigation Minister Anil Kumar Yadav has alleged that the Telangana government is illegally constructing 6 TMC projects. He said that Telangana projects are being constructed to move water in the project even if the water level in Srisailam Dam reaches 800 feet. He said the capacity of the Kalwakurthy, Bheema, and Nettempadu projects currently on the Krishna River has been increased and lifts have also been installed in the Palamuru-Rangareddy project. Minister Anil Kumar said that CM Jagan had extended a friendly hand to the Telangana government but to no avail and they had been fighting over water shares for five years.

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