Telangana Health Minister Resignation?

Telangana Health Minister Resignation

Telangana Health Minister Resignation?

This news is circulating on the Internet for the last 2 days, how much truth is this?

Why E. Rajender has been in news for a while? What happened to him?

What happened between the CM KCR and Health Minister E. Rajender?

Many questions arising from the past 2 months about the rivalry between the most important members of Telangana Politics. There is news like CM KCR is not interested in Health Minister anymore? Why did E. Rajender being neglected by KCR? many questions to be answered. can this be the political strategy to step down the key person from the Telangana CM chair race? If Telangana Health Minister Resignation is true who will be the next minister to take up the post in the light of KTR.

Telangana Health Minister has worked a lot for the State development, but why he is being targeted? Is Health Minister resigning because of the State Government pressure and allegations on him?

Know more about Etela Rajendar remarks on his Health Ministry.

Also, know more about Covid 19 vaccinations updates in Telangana.

Telangana Corona Emergency Contact Information:

For Free Ambulance (Cyberabad)



For Free cab Services (Rachakonda)


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