Techo’s Electric Scooter: 70KM of Rs.12

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Techos Electric Scooter

Techo’s Electric Scooter ‘Electra’: Want to buy an electric scooter at a budget price … Want more mileage … However … Take a look at this scooter.

Techo’s Electric Scooter ‘Electra’: The world is changing. The intensity of electric vehicles has increased. Every day a new vehicle is buzzing in the market. So those who want to buy a new electric scooter do not know what to buy. Hence, know these features and making the final decision.

In fact, with the rise in petrol and diesel prices, electric vehicles are now on everyone’s notice. The electric scooter made by Teco Company is the latest attraction. Because … it has good mileage. The name of the scooter is Electra Saathi. It was made as part of Atma Nirbhara Bharat, this means that the entire scooter is made in India. The company has a manufacturing facility in Pune.

The Electra Saathi rate is Rs 57,697. Experts say that its price is low compared to other electric scooters. They say the look is also good to look at … so it can be bought. If anyone wants this scooter … they can go to the company website ( and book an order. Or … You can also book by calling +91 9540569569, company managers said.

If you look at what makes this scooter special. There are some nice features. Mainly headlights‌ … LED headlights. There is a central locking system. There is an anti-theft alarm. There is a smart repair function, there are front and back baskets, there is a fast-charging facility.

To move the cart safely in jerks, the telescopic suspension on both sides. Black alloy wheels are attractive, Include 10-inch tubeless tires, drum brakes and There is also a central cooling system.

The company says that you will also get a 3-year warranty on this scooter. It is available in three colors.

This scooter has a BLDC motor. There is a 48V 26 Ah Li-ion battery. Once charged … it goes 60 to 70 kilometers. Charging can cost up to Rs. 12 only.

Takes 4 to 4 hours to charge. In the city, this is a great plus for those who travel short distances. The scooter charger has a 1.5-year warranty.

This scooter goes at a speed of 25 kilometers per hour. While the length is 1720 mm … the width is 620 mm. Height is 1050 mm.

This scooter with a steel-reinforced chassis … is expected to compete with the Zemopay Miso.

Click Here for Company Website.

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