TDP has not been able to own a single corporation


The Telugu fraternity campaigned that their supporters had won 40 percent of the panchayat elections. Taking that into account in the municipal elections, two corporations and municipalities should win over 25. However, the TDP has not been able to own a single corporation. The party has also squatted in Srikakulam, Vijayawada, and Guntur corporations represented by MPs. Despite the TDP chief repeatedly saying how much good he has done for the region by declaring Amravati as his capital, bicycle tires have been punctured in Guntur and Vijayawada corporations.

The latest elections have removed the hopes of those party leaders who feel that the TDP has strengthened after the Assembly elections. So why did people reject TDP? If you look at where the mistakes were made, the main reason for the defeat of Telugu Desam was the lack of confidence in the local leadership. How important is it to hand over the responsibilities to the local leadership in the local body elections? Local body elections have informed the TDP leadership. In Tadipatri and Maidukuru, the party got those seats only due to the tactics of local leaders.

TDP leaders are prepared for defeat ahead of the elections. The Telugu Desam Party has gone commenting on YCP like this accusing the police of obstructing and committing atrocities and scattering money. The younger brothers, who accused the ruling party of committing irregularities, did not fight them. If some municipalities go to unity, Telugu Desam has gone in a helpless position where it would not even field candidates. No records were found of the local leader acting in good faith. Candidates were neglected to campaign because they thought that Chandrababu would take care of all this. The party’s interference in the local body elections also plunged the party a bit.

The struggle for supremacy is another problem. The day before Chandrababu came to campaign in Vijayawada Corporation, Buddha Venkanna, Bonda Uma, Nagul Meera, and MP Keshineni declared a coup. Chandrababu announced that he would stay away from the campaign if necessary. He made harsh remarks that the party was becoming a caste society. This development has shrunk the Vijayawada TDP. If there are four leaders in the party, They are not working for the party’s growth. The situation is similar in other cities.

Many TDP leaders joined other parties after the assembly elections. There is a leadership problem in most constituencies. The leadership has not focused on handing over responsibilities to newcomers where there is no leadership and achieving coordination among leaders in some constituencies. It also did a lot of damage to the party. The guarantees in the manifesto released by the TDP for the municipal elections along with the panchayats did not appear to be feasible. The main flaw of all is the lack of strategy in relation to elections. Another minus is that the TDP did not focus on the positive vote, except to rely on the anti-government vote.

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