Taken jobs and thrown on the road

Taken jobs and thrown, Minister Errabelli Dayakar Rao

Taken jobs and thrown on the road: Field assistants made remarks that the government has Taken jobs and thrown them on the road. Field assistants have asked Minister Errabelli Dayakar Rao to resign himself from the job guarantee scheme. They were incensed that what Telangana got was to lose their jobs. He warned that the concern would escalate if not taken up immediately. Minister Errabelli Dayakar Rao, Chief VIP Vinay Bhaskar, MLAs Nannapuneni Narender, and Aruri Ramesh held a press meet at Hanamkonda R&B Guest House on Saturday in the backdrop of CM KCR’s Warangal tour on the 21st of this month. Field assistants later came to meet Minister Errabelli on his way out.

As soon as the minister got into his vehicle .. the field assistants went to him and told him their problem. Errabelli listened to their problem and tried to leave, saying, “Let’s talk later.” With this, the field assistants intercepted the minister’s convoy and shouted, “Minister Errabelli, down, government attitude must perish.” They were fired and fired for throwing themselves on the road. The TRS leaders and the police forcibly pushed them aside and sent the minister in a vehicle.

 This caused field assistants to sit across from other vehicles at the gate and cause concern. They said the government had instinctively dismissed those who had been working in the employment guarantee for years. “Did we do something wrong?” Why did you make our roadblocks? We have no money in hand, no food, no education for the children, ”they said. Still demanded to renew their contract and take up duties.

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