Symbiosis with the devil

Symbiosis with the devil, movie by Natti Kumar

Symbiosis with the devil horror movie by Natti Kumar & Family:

Natti Kumar, who is known as a controversial figure in the industry as a producer, director, and distributor, he had once again held the megaphone. This time, he brings his daughter Karuna into the field to frighten her by associating with the devil (DSJ).

Into details.

How did four boys cheat on a brilliant girl who won a gold medal in education? ‘DSJ’ (Symbiosis with the Devil) movie by Natti Kumar is the story of how the girl takes revenge on them after learning about the many scams they have committed in the past. Presented by Natti Lakshmi, Anurag Kanchar will play the lead role of Natti Karuna Lady Oriented, daughter of renowned producer Natti Kumar on the Natti’s Entertainments banner. Produced by Natti Kranthi under the direction of producer Natti Kumar, the film ‘DSJ’ (Symbiosis with the Devil) has successfully completed shooting. Also on the 12th of this month, a media conference was held on the occasion of the release of the first song of the film by Mango Music.

Speaking on the occasion, filmmaker Natti Kranthi said, “Lady Oriented films have come a long way in the past and have been very successful. It is believed that this upcoming film will also be a great success. Natti Karuna played an amazing role in this film. Even from the beginning, the girl acted very well. She is not only an artist but also a producer for many films in the past. She has earned a good reputation as a dynamic producer. 

All the actors in this film acted very well. Natti Karuna, who played the lead role in the film, is the highlight of the film. Superman Malakar starred in the second lead. Even in Corona Time, we bravely celebrated filming in beautiful locations in Kashmir and finished shooting. We were able to finish the film quickly because everyone cooperated so well. We will soon be bringing the film ‘DSJ’ (Symbiosis with the Ghost) to the audience, which will be celebrating the post-production events. He said that everyone should like this movie which comes with good content.

Director Nattikumar said, “My son Natti Kranthi is the producer of this ‘DSJ’ (co-existence with the devil) film that I am directing. I am very happy that my daughter Natti Karuna is playing the heroine. My daughter is looking forward to post-production work for other films and is very happy and proud to have starred in mostly single takes on this film shoot even though the dates have not been adjusted. Because I saw her performance from a director’s point of view. We were able to finish this movie because all the actors in this Corona situation endured us without fear. Going into post-production soon, he said he was confident that the film would impress audiences from all walks of life.

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