Newborns Care in summer season

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Newborns Care in the summer season:

Health is a great luck. Health is paramount at every stage from infancy to old age. Most health problems start small. Failure to detect at the right time can lead to fatalities due to carelessness. Some parents do not have a proper understanding of the problems that newborns usually have.

Summer weather is hot in tropical countries. With this, the baby’s body temperature naturally rises. As a result, about 10 percent of infants feel feverish and have a fever. No need to worry when this happens. Cool to room temperature and wipe the baby with a damp cloth and should wear cotton cloth dresses to them. Breastfeeding should be given frequently to babies even, don’t give water to them until it is fully filled for six months and fever medications should not be given.

Appropriate care should be taken to protect the toddler from heat. AC can be fried if possible. Make sure the room temperature is 28 degrees Celsius. Air cooler users should place the ceiling fan at the number 1 position so that the air cooler does not fall directly on the baby and cools the entire room. When both of these are not possible, apply ceiling-absorbing lime to the top of the room. Curtains for doors and windows should be hung and wet frequently. Water should also be sprinkled on the ground. This makes the room atmosphere cooler. The baby plays smartly and sleeps comfortably. When these precautions are taken the problem will go away in one to two days. If the body temperature stays close to 100 degrees and does not drop, consult a doctor. Own Medicine is very dangerous for newborns.

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