Something went wrong in Twitter

Something went wrong

Something went wrong in Twitter:

Twitter, which is already struggling in the country over user privacy and fake news, is once again embroiled. The issue of Twitter login has caused a stir in many countries, including India. Users have complained that Twitter is not working in many countries around the world. The message “Something went wrong” mocked users when they repeatedly tried to log in by refreshing it. Complaints abound that we are unable to log into Twitter due to technical issues. Twitter users have been plagued with problems while accessing the website. They also alleged that their profile was not accessible and that some did not have a timeline feature. However, some users are out of tension as there are no problems with Android and iOS phones.

According to the DownDetector report, 80 percent of users, especially at 8 a.m., had trouble with the website. That said, the chaos lasted for almost an hour. Twitter, on the other hand, has officially responded to the deal. The matter of difficulties has been brought to their attention and is being resolved. It revealed that users have nothing to worry about and will fix the issue as soon as possible. It was later revealed that the problem was solved. However, it seems that some people have not yet got rid of this problem.

Know about the server breakdown of Twitter.

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