Skin diseases for corona recovered patients

Skin diseases for corona recovered patients,deadly bacterial diseases

Skin diseases for corona recovered patients: Even deadly bacterial diseases after recovering.

Skin diseases for corona recovered patients. Even if the corona comes out of it after the pandemic attack it is still infecting the victims with certain types of diseases. We have already heard about various diseases coming as a side effect to the corona. We also know that deadly bacterial diseases like black fungus can take the lives of victims after covid. Doctors now say that skin diseases are more prevalent among those who have been infected with covid. Some of these diseases show symptoms of black fungus disease. This has led to fears that people may be infected with black fungus. Doctors say this on the grounds that actual skin diseases have been transmitted to corona victims so far.

From herpes infection to hair loss, these are the problems that many covid patients face during the recovery phase. Doctors say one or two skin problems are caused by a weakened immune system with the corona. Skincare professionals in delhi, Mumbai as well as other prominent cities have revealed these things. Coronavirus patients may experience any skin inflammation after discharge from the hospital or even after the end of their home confinement period.

Dr. DM Mahajan, Senior Consultant, Dermatology, Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, delhi, said many covid patients suffering from skin problems were going to hospitals. However, they say they fear it could be infected with mucormycosis or black fungus. But, he says these are common skin diseases .. don’t worry about them.

“Many covid patients who are in the recovery phase are experiencing skin problems. The most common reported to us are herpes cases. It reappears in most patients with a history of herpes. He told PTI that others were newly infected with the virus.

Herpes simplex virus infection, commonly known as herpes, can be caused by herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1) or herpes simplex virus type 2 (HSV-2). Herpes labialis, caused by lesions in the cluster around the lip area, is caused by HSV as a burning pain. Herpes zoster is a viral infection caused by the activation of the varicella-zoster virus. Although it is usually painful, doctors say it is a self-limiting skin rash. Dermatologists looking at post-covid patients say that herpes zoster cases are more likely to come from HSV than herpes.

Mahajan said cases of infection from Candida fungus have also been found in covid patients who are in the recovery phase. It can be caused by mold, infection, overuse of medications, or the use of steroids. The infection causes white patches on the genitals. Candidiasis is a fungal infection caused by yeast (a type of fungus).

Hair transplant surgeon Dr. Sonali Kohli, a dermatologist based in Mumbai, said covid-19 would compromise the patient’s immunity. Can lead to many problems including skin, hair, and nails. “Although there is no clinical study to link the two, a month later a large number of covid patients with herpes infection appeared in the recovery phase. Hair loss and nail problems are very common with many patients, ”she said.

In the case of nail problems, the lines of melanonychia or Beau appear in such patients. Melanonychia has white or brown streaks on the nails, she said. Kohli, a consultant dermatologist at Sir HN Reliance Foundation Hospital in Mumbai, said patients should consult a specialist if their hair continues to fall out. Nikhita Kumar, 24, from delhi, who was recovering from covid in April, said she suffered from hair loss in the early days of her recovery. “I consulted a dermatologist who prescribed some serum. It will decrease in one or two months, he said. Also, while reading online on the post-covid issues, I came to know that even a famous Bollywood actress lost her hair after covid, ”she said.

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