Should teachers attend to school or not?

Should teachers attend the school

Should teachers attend the school or not? The government has decided:

Should teachers working in government-aided and Panchayati raj schools in the state attend schools? Isn’t it? They are thinking. The summer vacation for teachers ended on Sunday. It is learned that the government has decided to start schools from next month. But do teachers have to attend from Monday? Or go from one of the next months? School education officials are not responding to anything. No orders have been issued for teachers to go to school or extend their summer vacation until the 30th of this month. 

The government has lifted the lockdown completely in the state. Inter-Board Secretary Syed Omer Jaleel on Saturday issued directions to extend the summer vacation to junior colleges till May 30 in line with the government’s decision. But teachers are concerned about the lack of response from the school’s education department. Some teachers’ union leaders say teachers should go to schools from then on as the government starts educational institutions from next month. 

Others say teachers should go from Monday as the summer holidays are not extended. Teachers are torn with anxiety as nothing is clear. Start direct teaching in the state? Or do you want to limit yourself to online teaching? Minister P Sabitha Indra Reddy will meet education officials on Monday. Continue both online and offline as you did in the 2020-21 academic year? There will be a discussion on that topic. It is possible to discuss comprehensively and formulate procedures.

Direct teaching in one to degree colleges

College Education Commissioner Navin Mittal on Sunday issued orders that direct teaching in degree colleges would start from next month. It has been clarified that the online classes will continue till the 30th of this month. Principals of colleges were ordered to take action.

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