Shortage of blood banks in Telangana

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Shortage of blood banks in Telangana

Shortage of blood banks in Telangana: Center guidelines for those affected to donate Blood.

Not only the corona pandemic victims but also other common patients are suffering severely. The number of people coming to hospitals for other selected treatments that have already stopped with the second phase effect of the corona is increasing. Many surgeries were postponed in hospitals during the corona epidemic.

However, with the declining number of corona cases in the state, patients are also flocking to hospitals for treatment. As a result, the number of patients waiting for surgeries in departments such as cardiology is high. In this context, the lack of required blood reserves during emergency surgeries is also hampering the services provided to patients. 

It is estimated that there is a shortage of about 25 to 35 percent of the blood banks in the state, both public and private hospitals. The Center has issued guidelines for those affected by Covid-19 to donate blood only if they return negative within 14 days of recovery. Similarly, those who have been vaccinated have to wait up to 14 days. In addition to this, the implementation of lockdown in the state from May 12 to June 19 has also become an impediment to blood donation. With this, the blood reserves in the state were also at the same level. 

However, at present, even the colleges are not able to manage the camps as expected. The situation is no different for private and trust trusts. Hemoglobin drops frequently in patients. They need to have a blood transfusion every 15 days. They have a higher risk of dying from a heart attack if they do not have a timely blood transfusion. The shortage also appears to be due to the fact that most of the blood donors are adolescents and all of them are in the process of being vaccinated.

Very difficult for rare groups

A rare group of people who need blood during transfusions and surgeries has become very embarrassed for those who need blood. Due to the low number of blood donors belonging to groups’ AB ‘negative,’ O negative’, ‘B’ positive ‘,’ B ‘negative’ etc., patients who need the blood from that group have to wait for more days. Doctors suggest that blood donors cooperate by donating blood before being vaccinated. Those who are eligible want to come forward voluntarily.

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