Ronaldo’s ‘penalty’ kick on Coca-Cola. Do you know how much damage?

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Ronaldo's 'penalty' kick, minor act by Ronaldo

Ronaldo’s ‘penalty’ kick on Coca-Cola: A minor act by Ronaldo.

Ronaldo’s ‘penalty’ kick on Coca-Cola. We usually see commercials with companies trying to sell their products. We all expect the company’s product sales to increase and profits to come with a single ad click and also each celebrity puts a brand ambassador for their products for each company. It is a business strategy to get people to buy those products if you advertise with them. In fact, the better the advertising business, the worse it will be. Especially in the case of celebrities. 

Does anyone know if a celebrity has put aside any one product..and the brand situation is confusing? Didn’t understand what? In other words, if a celebrity wants to appear at an event with a bottle of drink, it will bring tremendous publicity to the brand. Suppose the same celebrity pulls out a bottle of drink drinks it Immediately the opposite effect appears. Now, exactly the same thing has happened. That company is Coca-Cola. Celebrity Portugal football team captain Cristiano Ronaldo. The Coca-Cola Company lost literally 29.34 trillion rupees on a single minor act by Ronaldo. In a few hours, What actually happened? Why is it like this?

Portugal football team captain Cristiano Ronaldo attended a press conference on Tuesday during their first match in the Eurocup. Then there were Coca-Cola bottles on the table in front of him. He pulled them out and put them aside. He put the water bottle in that place. He also pointed to a bottle of water and said, “Don’t drink coke, drink water.” Everyone knows this stuff. This video has gone viral. Everyone appreciated the work that Ronaldo did. Fans, however, are working hard to lift Ronaldo to the skies with the work he has done.

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