Retirement age Increased by three years

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Retirement age

The retirement age will be increased from the end of the month, Applicable to government employees as well as teachers, the government determined in principle. Wage benefit for out-sourcing and minor employment.

An announcement in the Assembly this time on the PRC

The government is going to take another sensational decision by dispelling the myths and suspicions. Chief Minister KCR is once again going to claim that he is a friend of the employees. The government will soon issue a key statement on the long-pending pay revision and employees’ issues. The sources said that these decisions will make Telangana employees proud once again.

Hyderabad, It is learned that the government will announce a 29% fitment for state government employees and teachers. Information that the retirement age of employees will be raised from the current 58 years to 61 years. As the MLC election code is currently in force in the state, reliable sources have informed the Media that PRC will be given to employees and teachers as soon as the code expires. Assembly budget meetings will begin on the 15th of this month. It is learned that Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao will announce the PRC in the Assembly in this regard. Information that steps are being taken to apply the retirement age increase from the end of this month. Authorities said the chief minister intends to give more to Telangana employees than the recently announced 27% IR for employees in Andhra Pradesh.

A moment for Telangana employees to be proud ..!

Despite the recommendations of the Telangana First Wage Amendment Commission, it seems likely that the Chief Minister will announce a fitment to be respectful to employees, teachers, and pensioners. The state government has been moving forward with them from the very beginning with the employees who are most active in the Telangana movement. Employees, Chief Minister KCR himself has repeatedly stated that they are not separate. The CM has said many times that Telangana employees will always be calling. The government is also running in the development trajectory of Telangana in coordination. Within a few months of the emergence of Telangana, the CM provided Telangana increments to all employees. Although the Tenth Pay Amendment Commission set up in the Commonwealth recommended 29% fitment, the Chief Minister thought highly and declared 43% fitment for the employees. When questioned by the Chief Minister about this, the unions recalled that Telangana employees had survived the pressure of the joint government for 42 days by participating in the All People’s Strike and playing a key role in fulfilling the aspirations of the state of Telangana. Even now they are confident that it will give employees a fitment to be proud of.

Same increase for minor employment!

Every time the CM thinks about the employees he thinks about the minor employees first. Think about their welfare, development, and wage increases to be respectable. That is why soon after coming to power for the first time in the state, the salaries of contract employees, home guards, Asha workers, Anganwadi workers, and sanitation workers were dramatically increased. Special allowance was given to traffic police. Even now it is credible information that the CM will announce a pay rise for out-sourcing and contract employees on par with regular employees. It is learned that the recommendations made by the PRC for them will also be implemented.

Retirement age increase from March

It is learned that the government has decided to increase the retirement age from 58 to 61 years. As some employees will retire by the end of March, it is understood that steps will be taken to implement the decision to increase the retirement age from this month. The decision, if implemented, will benefit about 30,000 employees who will retire in the coming quarters. Nearly a thousand are set to retire in March. All of them will have the opportunity to continue in service for another quarter. 9001 people are expected to retire from March 2021, 10,201 in 2022, and 11,000 in 2023. All of them will benefit from the retirement age increase. Most of whom are teachers.

Sangareddy Municipality, March 9: Employees across the state rallied on Tuesday in the wake of Chief Minister KCR’s promise to give better PRC to employees. Firecrackers were set off and sweets were shared at the BRK Bhavan in Hyderabad. Under the auspices of the TNGVO District Committee, fireworks were set off and sweets were fed on the premises of the TNGO Bhavan in Sangareddy. Speaking on the occasion, TNGO District President Sushil Babu on behalf of the employees extended special thanks to Chief Minister KCR. TNGVO state president Mamilla Rajender, who worked for the PRC, thanked the general secretary Pratap. The event was attended by TNGVO district general secretary nurses, state members Ravi and Srikanth among others. Employees in Nalgonda, Nizamabad, Khammam, Mahabubabad, and Warangal also chanted on a large scale.

After Telangana Government formed

We met the Chief Minister on our issues. We have complete confidence in the government. Given more fitment than we thought in the past. We hope it will be the same this time as well. CM KCR‌ said that PRC will be given in addition to AP. He stands on his word. He said that all the problems of the employees and pensioners will be resolved after the completion of the election code. We will all follow the state government. Special thanks to CM KCR and the Government for saying that we will solve all the problems asked.

-Mamilla Rajender‌, JAC Chairman of Telangana Employees, TNGVO President

CM who is aware of the hardships of the employees

The ruler who knew the hardships of the employees was KCR‌. Employees have full confidence in the Telangana government. In the early days of the separate state of Telangana, 42% gave 43% fitment as a mark of a general strike for 42 days. Even now it will give a good fit. He said that he would give more than that. We politely gave an appointment as soon as we asked, listened to all our problems, and responded positively. Problems will be solved. Thanks to CM KCR.

-Mamata, Female President of TGO.

Thanks to the CM on behalf of the teachers

CM KCR‌ announced that a good PRC will be given to teachers. The chief minister has no intention of including teachers in local institutions. We have complete faith in him. He said the retirement age increase for teachers would be implemented immediately after the expiry of the Election Code. Thanks on behalf of the teachers to CM KCR.

– Sripal Reddy, PRTU President

Thanks to the CM for recognizing the VRVOs

Association of Village Revenue Officers

Hyderabad, The Telangana Village Revenue Officers’ Association has expressed happiness over the assurance given by Chief Minister KCR that the VRVOs in the state will continue in the Revenue Department and give promotions to those who are eligible. Golconda Satish, state president of the association, and Pallepati Naresh, general secretary, thanked KCR for recognizing the hard work of VRVOs.

We will abide by the decision of the CM

Inter Education JAC

The Inter-Educational JAC said it was gratifying that the CM KCR had clarified on raising the retirement age of employees and PRC. Union chairman P Madhusudan Reddy and secretary-general Kalinga Krishnakumar said the decision was taken for the welfare of the employees. It has once again proved to be a job-friendly government. He said that in the coming days, the CM will support them in every decision taken by KCR.

Former President of TNGO Karan Ravinder Reddy

Karan Ravinder Reddy, former president of TNGVO, said that the employees were biased towards CM KCR. He praised the movement for staying behind and solving problems since time immemorial. He said that they are still with him and are confident that the promises given will be fulfilled.

Paritala Subbarao JAC Chairman of Trade Unions (Warangal)

“We have had an intestinal connection with KCR since the Telangana movement,” said Paritala Subbarao, JAC chairman of the Warangal Job Unions. The retirement age is 61 years and he was happy to give clarification on PRC. The Chief Minister said that whatever decision is taken, the welfare of the employees will be the priority.

KCR‌ after employees

Martha Ramesh, State President, Telangana Employees Union

Chief Minister has been following KCR employees since before the arrival of Telangana. Thanks to him, the PRC has promised to address all issues such as raising the retirement age, etc., once the election code is finalized. It has once again proved that it is a government committed to job and teacher well-being.

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