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No Official residence for Kamala Harris after electing as Vice President of the United States and living in Presidential Guest House:
Kamala Harris, who took over as US Vice President, has not yet arrived at the official residence. She has been staying at the guesthouse for two months.

Two months after taking office as Vice President of the United States Kamala Harris has yet to go to her official residence. Still, I don’t know when to get into it. It is the culmination of laziness and negligence in the superpower. It would be a mistake to think that America is where everything is going. Proof of that is the fact that Kamala Harris’ official residence is under repair. Repairs are still underway at the official residence. The answer is difficult when they end.

The incident bores Kamala Harris, who is eager to go to the official residence from time to time. The capital, Washington, has official residences for presidents and vice presidents. She sworn in as Vice-President on January 20 along with Joe Biden. On the same day, Biden’s official residence left for the White House. Kamala, however, has been living with her husband at the Presidential Guest House, Blair House, for two months.

This is due to the fact that repairs are being made to the residence (Naval Observatory) assigned to the Vice President. But what repairs have been done there for two months? Is unknown. However, CNN Media, which examined U.S. official records, found that plumbing, heating, and AC were being repaired at the vice president’s official residence. But, Opinion that these may not be the right reasons for not going into the building.

Kamala Harris, who went there three weeks ago to oversee the work, suggested changes in the kitchen. Kamala, who is passionate about cooking, said that the contract company did not pay attention to the suggestions to make changes. It seems that no action was taken as per her instructions. Meanwhile, credible sources said that the idea of ​​when Kamala, who is fed up with the affair, will go to the official residence is increasing day by day.

Repairs to the vice president’s residence have been ongoing for the past few years. In September last year, 1,64,000 dollars was spent on modifying the tank system and building a pool. Records show that 3.8 million dollars is being spent on the current project. Built-in 1893, the building covers an area of ​​over 9,000 square feet. For the first time in 2018, 119,000 dollars was spent on its renovation work.

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