The upcoming reality show will be hosted by Sandalwood Star Kicha Sudeep

Reality show will be hosted by Sandalwood Star Kicha Sudeep

Bigg Boss Season 14 may have ended with Rubina Dilak winning last Sunday, but the reality show’s entertainment will not stop. From February 28, 2021, Bigg Boss Kannada has started with its eighth season. The upcoming reality show is hosted by Sandalwood star Kicha Sudeep, who briefed the media along with the show makers in Bangalore on Thursday.

As the show was taking place amid the coronavirus epidemic, the manufacturers took all necessary precautions to ensure a covid-free environment for everyone involved in the Production Team. According to an e-Times TV report, the show sticks to the original format of the reality show and only features celebrities who enter the house as competitors. The report said that the Bigg Boss Kannada producers also selected the competitors keeping in view the expectations of the audience.

The names of the contestants were not revealed to continue the hype surrounding the show but some of them were suggested by the makers, the E-Times report said. The audience can take part in the performance of a singer, and a contestant from a political background. Two contestants from the film industry, a comedian, and some television serial artists live in the Bigg Boss house in Bangalore.

Most of the contestants came from acting backgrounds who had worked in Kannada movies or television serials. This time, however, the makers included some popular social media influencers or even sensational competitors, the report said. The eighth season of Bigg Boss Kannada will feature two or three contestants who have made a name for themselves in digital media.

All competitors were detained for the past two weeks and underwent RT-PCR tests twice to ensure complete safety.

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