‘Rafael’ scam back on screen

‘Rafael’ scam back, a deal to buy

‘Rafael’ scam back on screen (a deal to buy Rafael): Another sensational issue has emerged in the case of the Rafael agreement reached five years ago. ‘Rafael’ scam back, Dassault, the maker of fighter jets, has reportedly offered 1.1 million (approximately Rs 9.5 crore) to a broker in the country for a deal to buy it, according to a report by France’s Mediapart. The French Anti-Corruption Agency said the report was based on an investigation. “The company said it used the money to build 50 Rafael models.

However, no evidence could be submitted for this. ” The broker has revealed that he is facing charges of money laundering in a defense deal in India in the past. Agencies Franchise Anti-Corruption (AFA) said it first exposed the corruption during a Dassault audit. Dassault said the money given to the broker was a “gift to clients” in its expenses. However, the AFA said it had decided not to refer the case to prosecutors.

Investigate: Congress

The Congress has demanded an inquiry into the Rafael deal and Prime Minister Modi’s response to the French company’s report. Party chief spokesperson Randeep Surjewala said Rahul Gandhi’s allegations of corruption in the fighter jets deal had now turned out to be true. An AFA investigation has revealed that Dassault paid 1.1 million euros to Deface Solutions, a brokerage firm. Is there no need to investigate? Do you know to whom, how much commission was paid, and if so to whom in the Indian Government? ” Deposed. Need to answer the question from PM Modi?

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