Radiation threat with CT scan

Radiation threat with CT scan

Radiation threat with CT scan is equivalent to a hundred X-Rays:

CT scan (computed tomography scan). Not only that. Radiation threat with CT scan, Some people are afraid that a single CT scan is equivalent to a hundred X-rays, while others are going to a Covid positive i.e. CT scan. Is an actual CT scan necessary in this context? What is the benefit? What is the main effect of radiation? There is a recent debate going on. In fact, radiologists suggest that patients who are prescribed by a doctor may be able to avoid death by having a CT scan. They also warn that having a CT scan unnecessarily can expose both ends to background radiation (usually the effect of radiation on us). Experts make it clear that a CT scan in the corona is only necessary with the advice of a doctor.

Reduced impact with modern machines

Radiologists say that the effect of radiation on a CT scan is greater than that of a regular x-ray. Sunil Bonela, a senior radiologist at the Mehdipatnam Olive Hospital in Hyderabad, said it was dangerous if the radiation effect usually exceeded 50 milliwatts. 

An X-ray revealed exposure to 0.1 milliwatts of radiation, while a CT scan revealed 6 milliwatts of radiation. Previously there were high-dose CT scan machines. Together they had a radiation effect of 30-40 milliwatts. Sunil explained that the impact has been significantly reduced with the availability of dosing machines in the modern world now. 

In this context, if the CT scan is necessary as per the doctor’s recommendation, the scan should be done without any worries. Radiologists recommend formulating the test according to a risk-benefit measure, as it is easier for doctors to detect the severity of the virus and avoid death, especially than the radiation exposure to the scan. 

But they warn that if taken unnecessarily, it can cause radiation exposure. Usually, there is a lot of radiation around us. We call it to background radiation. They warn that if the CT scan is performed unnecessarily, there is a risk of getting a second-degree background radiation effect at once.

The second time in rare cases

During the first 5 days after the onset of covid symptoms, when the scan is positive, the virus’s effect on the respiratory organs is blurred (ground ‘glazing). After 5 days it looks like a mosaic floor. The next step is to apply white cement. Radiologists say that if the condition worsens, the air in the respiratory organ will completely dissipate and form a stone. 

Therefore, having a CT scan within 4-7 days of detecting symptoms, such as positive, will allow doctors to determine the severity of the virus and provide appropriate treatment. A second CT scan after treatment may not be necessary, and doctors may not prescribe a large one. 

In some cases, however, doctors recommend a second CT scan if the fatigue does not subside. Radiologist Sunil suggests that it is better to have a period of at least six weeks between the first and second CT. covid‌ said that if the virus affects the respiratory organ in patients, the chances of returning to normal within six weeks are high. The latter also said that cases of fatigue rather than recovery are rare.

CT scan during these four times

A CT scan is essential at all four times. When RT PCR test is not available. When the RT PCR comes in negative and suffers from symptoms. Suffering from severe symptoms RTPCR‌ test results take 2-3 days. When the victim is suffering from fatigue a CT scan should be taken only as prescribed by a doctor. But it is not advisable to take it as part of one’s own medication.

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