Private companies enter Indian space ..!

Private companies enter Indian space, space sector in future

Private companies enter the Indian space sector in the future:

Private companies enter Indian space. ISRO has worked hard to make India a leader in the space sector. ISRO has established India as a place in the history of aerospace by conquering many milestones. ISRO is a well-known public sector entity. The government hopes that more success can be achieved by allowing the private sector into the space sector. With the decision taken by the central government now, private companies will enter the space sector in the future.

The Central Government will facilitate private companies to launch rockets and launch stations in the country or in other countries. It said private companies would have to seek permission from the Indian National Space Promotion and Authorization Center (In-Space), an independent body owned by the Union Ministry of Space (DOS). The draft, titled “Department of Space Transportation-2020”, states that private companies can own or lease launching stations for rocket launches.

Leading Indian private companies Agnikul Cosmos and Skyroot Aerospace have hailed the draft. The companies said the draft brought by the Center would make it easier to set up stations and launch pads for rocket launches. Agnikul Cosmos launches small satellites into geostationary orbit. Skyroot Aerospace manufactures small rocket ships.

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Brahmaji called the Chinese President to discuss Maa election?
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