Independence from the virus should also be on that day: President Joe Biden

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President Joe Biden

WASHINGTON: President Joe Biden has said every American citizen should be vaccinated by July 4 this year. “If the whole country is vaccinated, it will be like independence from covid on July 4,” he said.

July 4 is national Independence Day. Biden addressed the nation and he suggested that adults in each state be vaccinated by May 1. Vaccines are currently given based on age and health conditions. President Biden made the remarks in the wake of the end of the year when the Coronavirus was declared a pandemic.

He says more than 5 million Americans have died from the virus with the Corona cases starting in March last year all mega sporting events in America were canceled. Hero Tom Hanks announces Corona to himself. It is known that President Donald Trump later canceled his trip from Europe.

 “If everyone is vaccinated, we can celebrate July 4th with relatives, and there is a chance that we will celebrate Independence Day,” he said. “It’s not just Independence Day, it’s relief from viruses,”.

President Joe Biden also revealed that vaccine areas will be increased and he aims to vaccinate 10 million people within the first 100 days of administration but the chances of reaching that goal are in just 60 days. He advised them to follow social distances, wash their hands and always wear masks.

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