8 Months pregnant got Gold medal in taekwondo

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Pregnant got Gold medal, taekwondo mixed room category

8 months pregnant got gold medal in taekwondo mixed category: Many people are interested in sports and for others, sports may seem like the equivalent of life. They will do anything for the game they like. No matter how hard he endures to reach his goal. Reach the intended goal in the end and stand as an ideal for everyone. A similar incident came to light in Nigeria. Nigerian athlete Aminat Idrees, who is eight months pregnant, seemed to an aura after winning a gold medal in taekwondo. National sports festivals are taking place in Nigeria. 

The sports festival is held in Benin, Edo State. Aminat Idrees, who participated in these games and she won a gold medal in the taekwondo mixed category. She taekwondo performed several poses before the start of the Games. The video was shared on social media by the organizers of the Nigeria National Sports Festival 2020. Aminat Idrees praised the extraordinary talent. She has been praised as the ideal for everyone.

Aminat Idrees reacts to winning a gold medal and said it makes me proud that I always enjoyed training before I got pregnant. Even after getting pregnant, the training didn’t look any different, ”Aminat Idrees said.

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