Pregnant deaths from corona pandemic are on the rise in Brazil, according to a medical report

Pregnant deaths from corona

Pregnant deaths from Corona pandemic are on the rise in Brazil: A Pregnant Women tested positive for corona.

Leticia Aparecida Gomes, a 23 – year – old Brazilian, fell into an awkward situation just days after she found out she was pregnant. She was tested positive for corona. She works as a nursing technician in Marico, an hour’s east of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She said on this occasion. This is my first pregnancy. I have a quest to take care of my first baby. Corona said she realized the condition was serious and was rushed to the hospital. Good luck with her. Gomes was discharged unharmed after being treated in intensive care for a week.

However, not everyone’s like her. At least 803 pregnant women, as well as postpartum women, have died since the pandemic broke out in Brazil last February. According to the Brazilian Task Force, which studies the effect of Kovid on pregnancy, more than half of these deaths are approximately 432 due to covid. In recent weeks, Brazilian newspapers have been filled with heartbreaking stories of young mothers dying of the disease. Maria Laura Procoli, 23, died in childbirth in Rio. Lavonia died last week after giving birth through emergency treatments. Similarly, on April 3, three days before Gomez arrived at the hospital, a 20-year-old woman who was seven months pregnant died in the Middle Eastern state of Mato Grosso after waiting four days for an intensive care bed.

Concerns are being raised around the world about the risk of covid to pregnant and postpartum women. Doctors cite the rise in intensive care admissions, including in the UK, as well as the use of ventilators during the second wave. 

However, experts and activists say the situation in Brazil is particularly alarming, as the recent outbreak of corona in the country has been severe. Authorities recently urged women to delay childbirth until it subsides.

“Women are dying without access to ICU beds, ventilation, and intubation. This is something we have to look at helplessly.” Said a paramedic. “We are facing a catastrophic death toll here,” said Carla Andrucci, a Brazilian obstetrician and member of the Pregnancy Task Force.

Last July, Andrew’s team found that 77.5% of the world’s Kovid-related maternal deaths occurred in South America. However, they noted that some low-income countries have not released such data. Intensive care units are packed everywhere in Brazil. The medical department is helpless to provide any assistance to pregnant women.

Rousseau Pereira, an infectious disease specialist at the Covid Center in Rio, said that over the past three months, as the Brazil outbreak has intensified, their unit has become much busier and their shifts have become more rigorous. He says patients are coming in with far more serious conditions than ever before.

The 32-year-old doctor said he would continue to work in the unit after being vaccinated as part of a campaign to protect frontline health workers. “I can’t stay away from work at such a difficult time, the team is already small,” Peringiro said.

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