Telangana Health Minister E.Rajender seems to be playing a political game instead of treatment!!

playing a political game, Health TIMS Telangana director

Telangana Health Minister E. Rajender seems to be playing a political game:

About Bangladesh-Pakistan let’s talk later. Has the state government done anything for TIMS? Do you politicize the issue without even doing what is in your hands? Health Minister E. Rajender Garu are you playing a political game?

There is a severe staff shortage in TIMS. Can doctors be recruited on a permanent basis when they come on a temporary basis?

1 nurse and one senior Resident are there per 40 people in the ICU. Became 2 nurses with the next recruitment. If this is the case in the ICU, then what about the ward?

There are very few Patient Care Providers. If a patient dies under 2 or 3 days the ward boy or senior has carried.

At least the state government is not in a position to provide food to the patients.

Over 3000 applied for 30 nurse posts in TIMS. Those are interested in doing work. What is politics in this? On the one hand, there are no services for patients. Is it time for politics to talk about ignoring the current situation of patients?

Senior residents are not voicing that they are being targeted if anyone questions TIMS. Doctors are also being persuaded to come Covid positives. The state government does not have the stage to give them at least accommodation and transport. 

How many people will get corona if a positive doctor arrives at the hospital on public transport? If the doctor who came in positive does not come to duty, that doctor needs to replace another doctor, they said. How is that possible? Senior Residents are voicing concerns about how to allot the double duty for a doctor who is already overworked. They are saying that you have to do whatever duty assigned to you. Where is the Humanity?

Admitted that, a Remdesivir injection price is hiked from 3 thousand to 30 thousand. Are there any measures being taken to control it?

Dr. P S Vijayender



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