‘Patients blessings give us antibodies’

Patients blessings give us antibodies, people were treated

‘Patients blessings give us antibodies’: 50,000 people were treated today.

Today is the charm of the superintendent of government hospitals on the occasion of Doctors’ Day
50,000 people were treated

Gandhi Hospital is mostly visited by critically ill people. We have to work hard to save them. On the one hand, the administrative affairs were going well and on the other hand, it was a bit of a hassle to have to spend all day among the patients wearing a PPE kit as the head of the General Medicine department. But if a life-threatening patient recovers, the satisfaction of being reborn can be overwhelming. Blessings are given by them and their family members on their way home after fully recovering from covid .. acting as immunity boosters. Increasing the excitement from time to time. Their blessings tell us that we are antibodies. Although performing duties without taking a single day off for 15 months. We have successfully treated 35,000 people in the First wave. 15 thousand people were treated in the second wave. So far 1,500 covid‌ pregnant women have been vaccinated. – Dr. Rajarao, Superintendent, Gandhi Hospital

450 people were infected with the corona

Not only those in covid hospitals but also the medical staff working in the non-covid centers had to risk their lives. With the conversion of Gandhi into a full-fledged covid center, the entire burden fell on Osmania Hospital. Injuries in various accidents, heart, liver, kidneys, diabetes, hypertension, and other emergency victims were more likely to come. Who has the virus? To whom or not? Identifying has become a challenge. Accidental injuries required immediate surgery. They were already infected with the virus and were spreading to medical staff. Infectious to their family members. As many as 300 medical personnel were infected with the virus in the first wave and 150 in the second wave. I was also one of these victims. – Dr. Nagender, Superintendent, Osmania Hospital

We were under a lot of pressure

The work pressure on us has greatly increased as we have to treat hundreds of patients on a regular basis due to the corona. Such situations have never been seen before. We were more stressed in the second wave than in the first wave. Medical services were provided in 200 beds for the first time and 320 beds were set up in the second wave. We have taken steps to ensure that patients with full oxygen comfort are not disturbed anywhere. Up to 70 people in the first phase and up to 50 staff in the second phase were affected by corona. However, they are recovering and returning to work. Treatment is provided in government hospitals in accordance with international protocol. – Dr. Venkateshwarlu, District Government Hospital Superintendent, Khammam

We are building self-confidence in patients

Doctors and nurses serve corona patients without fear. Not only do we have to be brave .. but we also build courage in patients by telling them to be brave. During the past year, 10 of the doctors and 35 of the staff working at the district hospital have been diagnosed with corona. Everyone bravely confronted Corona and resumed duties. – Dr. Sangareddy, Superintendent, Sangareddy District Hospital

We have seen the hardships with our own eyes

The corona boomed at once, though initially with fewer cases in the district. We have witnessed patients struggling like never before. The loss of life was not so great as the negligence of the people during the First wave but many lives were lost in the second wave. No matter how many difficulties I have faced in the present, I have worked without taking any leave. – Dr. Ajay Kumar, District Central Hospital Superintendent, Kamareddy

Even if they have a corona at home.

All of our family members got Corona but put them in home isolation and provided medical services to the people. Corona-infected people are constantly monitored and reassured. In the second wave, 2,089 people were hospitalized with corona infection. 1,666 recovered and went home. Thirty people were shifted to hospitals in Khammam and Hyderabad due to the severity of the virus. – Dr. Sarala, District Hospital Superintendent, Kothagudem

Satisfaction of winning the battle

Those who were treated at the hospital are still making phone calls. Then it gives me just as much satisfaction as a soldier winning a battle. The second wave is like a lesson. I and our doctors have full confidence that we will be able to face any situation that comes our way and provide medical services. I was also infected with the corona in the first and second waves. – Dr. Pratima Raj, Superintendent, Nizamabad Hospital

We have set up a control room

The CM visited the MGM Hospital just four days after I took over as Superintendent. Expressed satisfaction over the services. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the hospital. We have set up a command and control section to eliminate this coordination error. Where is any patient? How many days ago did he arrive? This section was set up to find out what the current situation is. – Dr. Chandrasekhar, MGM Hospital Superintendent, Warangal.

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