Patent by Wright Brothers for a flying machine took on May 22nd 1906

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Patent by Wright Brothers

Patent by Wright Brothers for a flying machine took on May 22nd, 1906:

The Wright Brothers are the forerunners of many of the planes and helicopters currently flying in the sky. Their adventurous deeds and explorations have made the distant shores closer. Patent by Wright Brothers for the flying machine they invented 115 years ago on the same day. However, another tragedy happened yesterday. Eleven years ago, 158 people were killed in a tragic accident on an Indian Airlines flight in Mangalore, Karnataka.

Wright brothers Orville and Wilbur are two American brothers. They invented and built the world’s first large mechanical aircraft. It was successfully flown in the air on December 17, 1903. From 1905 to 1907 the brothers developed the flying machine as the first practical fixed-wing aircraft. The Wright brothers in America patented their flying machine on May 22, 1906.

On the day of this great deed, a terrible accident took place in Mangalore, India. Air India flight departed from Dubai to Mangalore on 22 May 2008. However, 158 people on board were on fire when a stone hit the landing gear during landing. Only eight people survived.

The Director-General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), which investigated the accident, identified the pilot as the culprit. Co-pilot HS Ahluwalia ignored warnings to pilot Glusica that the plane was going the wrong way. Ahluwalia’s last words were recorded in the recording a few seconds before the accident, which led to the pilot being found responsible for the accident.

Some other important events.

2003: Earthquake in Algeria. More than two thousand people were killed

1988: India successfully tests domestically developed intercontinental ballistic missile fire

1980: Beginning of the famous arcade game Peck-Men

1972: US President Richard M. Nixon arrives in Moscow as part of a tour of Russia.

1963: Rohini becomes India’s first glider to fly in the air

1960 – A magnitude 6.0 earthquake shakes the southern coast of Chile, least 5,700 people dead.

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