Once again Pan-Aadhaar link expiration

Pan-Aadhaar link expiration

Once again Pan-Aadhaar link expiration:

The Central Government has once again extended the Pan-Aadhaar link expiration deadline. The government has decided to extend the deadline by three months to September 30 in the wake of the Covid Second Wave boom. The Center made the key announcement as the previous deadline of June 30 approached. The first Pan-Aadhaar link expires on March 31. Even then it was decided to extend it until June 30 due to the corona epidemic. Now the center has made the crucial decision to extend it for another three months.

The government has also made an amendment to the Finance Bill introduced this year. Under the new rules, a person will have to pay a late fee of up to Rs 1,000 if he does not link his PAN with Aadhaar. In addition to the Pan-Aadhaar Linking extension decision, two other key decisions were made. The Center said that tax deduction is applicable to the amount paid by companies for the treatment of employee covid.

It also said the companies’ compensation was paid to the families of employees who died with Covid. The government has said it will extend the deadline by another two months (until August 31). The Center said it was extending the Form-16 deadline from July 15 to July 31. Also, according to the rules, if you buy a house for the first time, you can get a tax deduction on the box investment on it. Now this deadline has been extended from June 30 for another 3 months.

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