No Worries About Corona Third Wave

No Worries About Corona

No Worries About Corona Third Wave:

No Worries About Corona Third Wave. Vaccination continues on one side of the country while second-wave corona continues on the other. Lockdown imposed sanctions to curb the Corona epidemic. These restrictions have led to a complete decline in corona positive cases. The unlock process is currently in progress. The Union Ministry of Health has responded to warnings and concerns that the impact of the corona third wave in India could be greater on children. The central government was quoted as saying by AIIMS chief Dr. Randeep Guleria that there was no need to worry about the health of cured children without having to go to hospitals with corona infections with minimal symptoms.

The health ministry said Guleria had warned children with other illnesses and children with weakened immune systems to be careful. The center also cited the views of Dr. VK Paul, a member of the Aradhana Niti Aayog, who said that many children may not develop symptoms of cholera and therefore need to be admitted to hospitals. Reacted to the news circulating on social media that the Third Wave was already coming and would impose a lockdown from July 1st to 31st. Made it clear that there was no truth in such news. Such is the fake news.

However, there is further concern that medical experts have already issued warnings that the third wave could have a major impact on children. People said there was a possibility of further danger if they did not take precautions.

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‘Patients blessings give us antibodies’
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