No proper facilities for Pregnant and postpartum women at Koti Maternity Hospital

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No proper facilities for Pregnant, Pregnant and postpartum women

No proper facilities for Pregnant and postpartum women at Koti Maternity Hospital:

No proper facilities, Pregnant and postpartum women are being treated at the Koti Maternity Hospital in Hyderabad. The lack of even stands to put at least bottles of saline in the wards meant that the patient had to hold hands with their relatives. At least the toilets in some wards did not even have running water. Each patient treated here has to pay at least Rs 200 daily. Rs 50 for changing daily beds in wards, Rs 50 for cleaning, and Rs 50 for going out. If they question the medical staff they even ready to get into a fight with patient’s atendees. The answer is that a government hospital is like that. Doctors were questioned about the glucose stands and were told that a new ward had been set up which did not have glucose stands and would be set up soon.

Rs 5 thousand for delivery

Each pregnant woman who comes to the hospital for delivery is spending up to Rs 5,000 before returning home. From the time of entry through the main gate until you reach the ward it is not workable if you do not pay throughout. The staff is demanding Rs 1,000 for a girl child and Rs 1,500 for a boy child. All superiors are currently on corona duties. No one cares about these hospitals. With this, the facilities here are becoming miserable. Even the doctors are not coming at the right time. Patients are struggling with this. Still, people want the government to respond and take steps to provide better treatment. Corona Rules, on the other hand, are also not followed by anyone. No one in the wards cared that the three went to the pregnant and postpartum.

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