No Lunch for poor children

No Lunch for poor children

No Lunch for poor children at Government Schools:

Corona First, Second Wave is having a severe impact on all categories. Students are confined to their homes and poor children miss lunch at Government Schools. Schools are not yet open, although the school is scheduled to begin on June 1 this year. It is not clear when to start as the corona will not decrease. 

However, the poor students who used to eat lunch in public schools have now moved away from it. The result is a nutritional problem in growing children. Lunch workers also lost their jobs as schools closed. Education officials are once again turning to digital lessons in the wake of the coming of the Third wave. 

Verbal instructions have already been sent to principals and teachers to make arrangements to that extent. However, with online classes, education is over. Poor students are missing out on lunch as well as study. The situation has been similar since last year. Many children across the state are being deprived of nutritious food due to poverty.

Most of the people come to Hyderabad district for employment not only from Telangana districts but also from other states. Most of them are poor families. Only children from these families are educated in public schools. The corona fragmented the financial circumstances of the respective families. The government needs to take appropriate steps to provide nutritious food to the children of the respective families during this difficult time.

There are a total of 948 government and aided schools in Hyderabad district with 1.50 lakh students. Nearly 75,000 students ate the lunch plan each month before Corona. This lunch was very supportive for families with two or three children. Currently, all children are confined to their homes. Meals are having a serious impact on their growth. Also, the cook cum helpers who get employment through this are not getting employment or getting into trouble. They would benefit about 868 people at the rate of Rs.1000.

Changes have also taken place due to corona in terms of nutrition provided in Anganwadi Centers. The centers are delivering goods directly to the homes of children, pregnant women, and nursing mothers. Similarly, parents want to provide groceries for students who also have lunch. In the state of Kerala, the corona has been following this method since the first wave. Here they want to deliver month-long meal supplies to children’s homes.

Students are not getting proper nutrition as schools are closed due to corona. They can’t find work because of the corona. We are facing financial difficulties. The government is directly supplying nutrition to Anganwadi children, pregnant women, and nursing mothers. Similarly, steps should be taken to provide home nutrition to students in public schools.

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