New worries to China ..! India will pass the Dragon Country by 2025

New worries to China, India crosses the population

New worries to China ..! India crosses the population of Dragon Country by 2025:

New worries to China. Unable to replace their location in India. India crosses the population of China by 2025. China’s population is currently 141.2 crores. India is already around 138 crore population. The number of births in China will increase in India. China is the most populous nation’s dominant days of his dominance. However, that’s the concern that it will give to India. The rate of reduced mortality rate in China in four years. The rate of birth rather than the death rate in China was higher. The scene was completely reversed. The same trend is running in South Korea and Japan in China’s neighboring countries.

According to UNICEF calculations, every 67,385 births are recorded in India. It is 2,17,52,959 in the year. In 2020, 1.2 crore children were born in China. This number in 2019 is 1.465 crore. The number of births was reduced to 18 percent from 2019 to 2020. The pregnancy rate has fallen to 1.3 percent. Experts say the birth rate should be at least 2.1. From 1953, the birth rate in China was reduced in the last four years. In 2010, China’s population reached 134 crores. In 2021, reaching 141 crores. In the year, the country’s population was only 5.34.

It is 63.5 percent of the total population of 89.43 crores between 15 to 59 people who work in China. The 60 years have increased by 5.44 percent compared to their percentage in the past. They have 26.4 crores or 18.7 percent of the country’s population. The population is about 17.95 percent of the country’s population of 25.38 crores. China relaxes the law that the two children do not want. “1970 Topeka child ‘would have been executed. Officials said 40 crores were stopped by stopping. In the country, drought and water shortages were stored without arguing. If you are a tagline of the country’s most populous country in three-four years hearing the argument.

As of 2027, China is doing the idea of ​​increasing the population. The annual deaths are trying to reduce 10 lakhs in the next five years of age. The United Nations announced that the Chinese population will be reduced by 2030. Births in the country reduce the decrease in deaths, etc. China’s population is declining. The rate of birth in America has been rated at 1.6 percent of the record. China announced that more children than one of the children are exclusive to the inventive.

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