‘National Best Farmer’ Award for a B-Tech Student

'National Best Farmer' Award for a B-Tech Student.

The young man, who studied BTech and got a job in software, could not stand in a metropolis like a concrete jungle. The city is plagued with pollution and adulterated food. He left the lighthouse and went to the village with his wife and children. Inspired by his father, who had already received the award as the best farmer at the district level. He has received accolades from officials and scientists for his innovative farming practices. He has now been nominated for The ‘National Best Farmer’ award from the Indian Institute of Agricultural Research (ICAR). Mavuram Mallikarjun Reddy.

Mavuram Mallikarjun Reddy, a farmer from Peddakurmapalli village, Choppadandy zone, Karimnagar district, has been nominated for the ‘National Best Farmer’ award for the year 2021. The young man, who quit his software job and started farming, is making good returns with innovative farming methods. In this regard, Mallikarjun‌ applied to the Agricultural Research Institute of India (ICAR) last year by the Jammikunta KVK Agriculture Field Officers describing integrated farming practices. Appreciating those policies, ICAR officials nominated Mallikarjun Reddy for the ‘National Best Farmer’ award. He is the only nominee from the state for this award. Mallikarjun Reddy received the award at an event in Delhi on the 27th of last month.

Family background..

Mallikarjun Reddy is a farming family. The parents are Mavuram Lakshmareddy and Manemma. Mallikarjun, who did BTech, joined Software in 2006. His wife Sandhya is also a software employee. Both worked in Hyderabad. Mallikarjun came to his hometown after falling ill due to adulterated food items. In 2014, he started farming with a focus on agriculture.

Innovative crops..

Mallikarjun is cultivating with self-made organic fertilizers. He grows 15 acres of paddy, half an acre of vasa kommu, ten pits of ginger, and another ten pits of home-grown vegetables. Increases soil fertility annually with waste decomposer without burning crop waste. CVR, as part of organic farming, adopts Dr. Chavan’s methods. So far he has cultivated almost 26 new varieties. In indigenous varieties, Zinc క 100, Narayanakami, and Kulkarni, which yield in 150 days, along with polymorphic and gourd varieties, are planted in 145 days. It is said that zinc 100 rice is useful for people with iron deficiency, Kulkarni for normal childbirth, Narayanakami for those with neurological impairment, and for those who have increased immunity to cancer over time. JGL‌ 24423 was cultivated by spraying method and got good yield 15 days in advance.

Focus on nutrition

Mallikarjun also focused on dairy nutrition. Raising indigenous cows, goats, and even fish in a pot. He raises Azolla for cow feed and uses paddy as food. Uses cattle manure to make organic manure. He enrolled his two daughters in a public school in the village and became an ideal for parents.

Awards, accolades

He received the award on January 26 as the best farmer in the Karimnagar district.

Rajanna Sirisilla received the award from Nirmala, Executive Director, Crop care Federation of India, for his outlined approach to integrated farming at an awareness program in Ellanthakunta Mandal, Pottur, District.

Jammikunta KVK was nominated as a member of the Advisory Committee for the farm for three months.

Achieved the ‘Best Integrated Agricultural Farmer Award’.

Encouraged by scientists, he attended a meeting at Chhattisgar University as a representative of a Telangana farmer. Fascinated by the cultivation method of zinc rice, he brought samples here and cultivated them.

Youth should come..

Our father once harvested good crops and received an award from the Collector as the best farmer. Read me well. While doing the software job, I had trouble with peace of mind due to the heavy workload. In addition, he came to his hometown with his wife and children due to health problems caused by eating chemical foods. Start planting immediately. Taking the advice and suggestions of scientists and farmers in the fields in different parts of the country along with the methods I know. Whether cultivating rice varieties, fennel, ginger, vegetables. Achieving the expected level of return with low investment. While educating those around them on the crop rotation approach and other farming techniques. Taking me as an ideal is the pleasure of cultivating rice on 200 acres in other villages. Will further expand the crop of essential commodities ahead. It is a pleasure to receive the ICAR‌ Award at the national level. My desire is to further strengthen agriculture with the participation of a large number of young people.

Mavuram Mallikarjun Reddy, National Award Recipient

I Am happy!!!

After completing higher studies, I got a job in Hyderabad. Away from family, the moment leisurely engaged in work. Office work on Saturdays and Sundays. This led to health problems. We came home after our family decided to farm. At first, it was a bit embarrassing. But, I am proud that the authorities and scientists are appreciating the organic farming that he is doing now using our modern technology. Unlike in the past, we spend time with family and attend to all the goodies. We are happy to receive the award at the national level.

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