NASA Record with INGENUITY: The flying helicopter on Mars planet

NASA Record with INGENUITY, Mars planet on Monday

NASA Record with INGENUITY on Mars planet on Monday:

A helicopter created history, the American space research company (NASA) as the first helicopter flying on another planet, rather than earth. In the experiment on Monday afternoon in the launch, Nasa was successfully driven by his minority helicopter ‘INGENUITY’ on the Mars planet. NASA revealed that the ‘INGENUITY’ flew three meters from the surface of the Mars planet. Traveled for about 30 seconds and landed successfully afterward.

 For any of the planets, the satellite helicopter did not fly, except on earth so far. ‘INGENUITY’ rewrites this history. In this background planks on the planet planks, helicopters will have any climate? NASA has a clear understanding of the issue, and then NASA Record with INGENUITY.

Between the toughest weather conditions, scientists say that there is no air on the Mars planet compared to the earth. If the blades in the helicopter are on the ground up to 400 to 500 rotations per minute. ‘INGENUITY’ experimentation between similar critical weather conditions is expressing herself over successful.

NASA Sent this Helicopter to Mars with the ‘PERSEVERANCE’ Rover to examine the biological landmarks on the Mars planet. ‘PERSEVERANCE’ Rover is the following part. This helicopter has passed. ‘INGENUITY’ was split from Rover on February 18th. The flight video of ‘INGENUITY’ will be sent back with help of the PERSEVERANCE rover.

Know more about the PERSEVERANCE rover wonders on Mars.

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Is there a lockdown after May 2?
Whoever tries to stop oxygen supply will be hanged said High court?

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