Midnight brutal murder in Jubilee Hills

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murder in Jubilee Hills

Murder in Jubilee Hills, a person named Shiva who lives on the footpath was killed: At night shiva drank alcohol with three other friends. The two friends left after drinking alcohol, then the only shiva was left with a man named David. A brutal murder in Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad happened at midnight. A 40-year-old man named shiva was killed in the Jubilee Hills area around 2 Am last night. He works as a laborer and lives on the footpath. Shiva, along with fellow laborers David, Srinivas, and Rakesh, drank alcohol on Road No. 10c footpath last night. Rakesh and Srinivas left after midnight but Shiva and David were there.

However, at around 2.20 am, Srinivas came and saw that shiva lying dead in a pool of blood with his head hurt in the same area where he had been drinking. Srinivas immediately called Dial 100 and informed the police. Jubilee Hills police immediately rushed to the scene and are investigating. Police carried out a manhunt with three teams for him on suspicion of David.

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