More than 5 lakhs corona deaths in Brazil

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More than 5 lakhs corona deaths

More than 5 lakhs corona deaths in Brazil after the United States:

More than 5 lakhs corona deaths. Brazil’s corona deaths are on the rise due to non – implementation of various corona guidelines, including physical distance, and sluggishness in providing vaccines to the public, despite the ongoing corona boom. A total of 5 lakh lives have been lost so far. Medical professionals are deeply concerned about the current situation. Only 11 percent of people in Brazil are given corona vaccines. 

The emergence of new variants of the corona is having a further impact. In all, there were 1,78,83,750 corona cases and 500,800 deaths in Brazil. Brazil has the second-highest number of corona deaths after the United States. On average, more than 2,000 deaths occur daily. “I think we are going to reach seven million or eight million deaths before we see the effects of the vaccine,” said Gonzalo Vecina, a former Brazilian health regulator. 

They expressed concern that the most dangerous Indian variant cases, including the emergence of new variants, were coming to light in their country. It was in this context that President Bolsonaro came under fire. The lack of a coordinated national response to the corona, as well as the shortage of vaccines, have been criticized for failing to implement corona guidelines for adhering to physical distance, including lockdowns. 

In the wake of this, people in Brazil on Saturday organized a massive protest. Slandered against Bolsonaro. Called for his removal. Rafael Guimar‌es, a researcher at the Brazilian Biomedical Center Fiocruz, said the delay in the vaccination program in Latin America’s most populous country meant that its full effects could continue until September or later. 

More than three thousand deaths could occur. He said the country was still in a critical condition and the spread of corona was on the rise and other facilities, including beds in hospitals, need to be increased as part of precautionary measures. Easter Sabino, an epidemiologist at the University of São Paulo, said he wanted to speed up the vaccination process. Warned that otherwise, conditions would become more dangerous.

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