Minister KTR criticized Center failure in the vaccination‌ process

Minister KTR criticized the Center failure

Minister KTR criticized the Center failure in the Indian vaccination process:

Minister KTR criticized the central government for its complete failure in the Covid-19 vaccination process. On Sunday, he took to Twitter as a platform to receive suggestions and suggestions from the public on the vaccination program called ‘ASK KTR’. Responding to questions asked by many. Proponents of the case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online. He said that if countries like the US and Israel vaccinated more than half of the population, the Indian vaccination process would not even cross at least 10 percent. 

Many countries in the world, especially Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, and China, provide the vaccine free of charge to their citizens, but India is acting differently. Vaccine waste in the Telangana state is low compared to other states. Will the vaccine be made available to children in the wake of fears that the Third Wave Corona will have the greatest impact on children? In answer to that question .. he said that the trials related to the vaccine have started. The vaccination program has also started in old-age homes. He said the state government had an administrative system available to vaccinate one million people a day but there was no supply of vaccines at that level. He said there was no response to the global tenders called by the state. 

International vaccine manufacturers are not interested in consulting with various states in the country. He said they were willing to consult with the central government and supply the vaccine to the center itself. Age-based vaccination has led to confusion. They can prevent the spread of corona by identifying super-spreaders like in Telangana and vaccinating them. A special drive has been launched for those going to study abroad. 

He said 272 crore doses would be required to provide the vaccine to the entire population of the country and one vaccine would need to be purchased at a cost of Rs 150 per dose. To this extent, it is not clear where the Rs 35,000 crore announced by the Center in the budget has gone. He said 85 percent of the vaccines being produced in the country are under the control of the central government. He said that with the states setting lower rates and higher rates for private hospitals, companies were also opting to give to private ones. Is there a plan to thwart the Third Wave? Expressed concern. 

The Serum Institute said that India’s biotech could not produce more than Rs 10 crore per month, but questioned how 18 to 45 vaccines, which make up 80 percent of the country’s population, would be available soon. The United States, Canada, Denmark, Norway, and other countries have been asked to immediately negotiate with the 50 crore vaccines stored in those countries and try to bring them to our country. KTR‌ said that countries such as the United States and Canada had procured more vaccines than their country’s population needed, especially when a country such as Canada ordered nine doses per person.

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