Minister who landed to fight against the Government


BC Welfare and Civil Supplies Minister Gangula Kamalakar have joined hands with the government in a legal battle. The court heard that Minister Gangula Kamalakar, who considers the orders of CM KCR as the head, had been wronged by the authorities. He filed a case in the High Court alleging that his land was included in the POB (List of Prohibited Lands). The Telangana Land Rights, granted passbooks Act 2020 and Dharani portal policies, which he himself had agreed to in the cabinet, have hurt the minister. Tired of telling the revenue officials, Gangula united and started a legal battle against the government.

The writ petition filed under case number 3743/2021 named the Chief Secretary to the Government of Telangana, the Principal Secretary to the Revenue Department, the Secretary to the Minority Welfare Department, the Wakf Board, the Karimnagar Collector, the RDO, and the Kottapalli Tehsildar as respondents. The landlord stated that his land, which he had all the rights to, was included in the list of prohibited lands. The court was told that the lands issued by the ORC (Occupancy Right Certificate) were being demarcated and delayed without being denotified. Gangula Kamalakar continues to be a minister in the government and has filed a case in the High Court against the new law.

The Minister says KCR means fear to ministers and no one would dare to express their views. According to TRS sources, if a policy decision is announced by an adult, it should be accepted without speaking. Their view is that no one should dare to oppose policies even if they know they will be in trouble. Revenue reforms to increase transparency and speed in services have left thousands stranded. In fact, BC Welfare Minister Gangula Kamalakar himself has passed and signed a new law and policy against the High Court. Minister Gangula, who considers the orders of CM KCR as the head of state, is being treated unfairly by the authorities. Officials claim that everything was done according to the law. granted passbooks were given under the old ARVOR Act. The names of the graduates are also in the revenue records. I bought it after seeing the records and now the land is owned by the government through the new ARVOR, Dharani portal, which he has just signed. From Tehsildar to collector, I have submitted all documents regarding the land but they were not considered. The list of prohibited lands states that the land belongs to the Waqf Board. It was stipulated that no purchases would be made. This made it inevitable for Minister Gangula Kamalakar to go to court. However, he continued to be a minister in the government and fought for justice against the law and policy decisions passed by him. The Collector, in his rank and status, may tell the Secretary-General of the Government. Proof that he has all the rights and that he saw the records at the time of purchase. If no officer is heard, the CM can complain to KCR but resorting to the High Court against his government has now become a topic of discussion.

Will the government relinquish the rights to the land? It remains to be seen whether the rights of Minister Gangula Kamalakar will be tied up.

Minister Gangula Kamalakar purchased 15.26 acres of land in Kazipur Revenue Village Survey No. 126, Kothapalle Mandal, Karimnagar District. However, it was observed that the graduates have all the rights made sure there was no grumbling over land rights. However, the land was acquired by Inanga. It was named after Syed Hamiduddin. He owned Inam lands in the villages of Elagandal, Khajipur, and Vaddairam in the then Gangadhara relative. He sold to Rachakonda Gattayya, Rachakonda Hanmayya, Rachakonda Rajalingam, Rachakonda Meenayya, Rachakonda Lakshmayya, Rachakonda Gouramma, Rachakonda Ramaiah, Rachakonda Narayana, Rachakonda Lakshmirajam, Maharaja Keshava and Rachakonda Agayya. The names of all those who made the purchase climbed into the revenue records. Also, the Revenue Authority has issued granted passbooks to them. The land is in their possession. Rights are acquired through the ORC (Occupancy Right Certificate) obtained under the Inam Abolition Act. The Karimnagar RDO also conducted a thorough investigation into the matter. The survey report was submitted by the Assistant Director of the Survey Land Records Division. It was all completed in 2012 itself. On the basis of which the ORC was given, the acquired areas were also mutated.

They were also issued granted passbooks under the 1971 ARVOR Act. All are in force. With this, Minister Gangula Kamalakar bought it but the Telangana land rights, which he approved as a minister, and the granted passbooks Act 2020, Dharani portal policies were controversial.

Land records were purged on the orders of CM KCR three-quarters of a century ago. The land purchased by the minister in this order became disputed. Officials calculated that it was not certified land. Registered under the Registration Act 1908, 22-A in the list of prohibited lands designating waqf land. No granted passbook was canceled. The Karimnagar District Collector has included in the list of prohibited lands the land to whom it was sold in this order. The waqf was registered as land and the question of how to join the POB (List of Prohibited Lands) without knowing the nature of Land. Minister Gangula Kamalakar complained to the high court that the rights issued on the lands issued by the ORC were being disputed and delayed without de-notification. Authorities claim the land is a waqf board. The Chief Secretary to Government, Principal Secretary, Revenue Department, Minority Welfare Department Secretary, Telangana State Waqf Board CEO, Karimnagar District Collector, Karimnagar RDO, Karimnagar District Kothapalle Tehsildar have been named as respondents. Laying a case against the government while being a minister has now become a topic of discussion.

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