Mariamma Lockup Death Case hearing expedited

Mariamma Lockup Death Case

Mariamma Lockup Death Case hearing expedited: The death of a Dalit woman named Ambadipudi Mariyamma in police custody has caused a great deal of controversy in Telangana. The Chief Minister himself tried to put an end to the controversy after large-scale protests by Dalit groups and opposition parties. Unlike previous cases, generous compensation was announced. He said legal action was being taken against the accused.

Another police officer has been fired in connection with the lockup death incident. Chintakani SI Reddaboina Uma was attached to the Khammam Police Commissionerate and orders were issued. DGP Mahender Reddy, who visited Mariyamma’s son Uday Kiran in Khammam two days ago, inquired about the details at the Chintakani police station.

The DGP took action on the carefree SI after the visit. Information that there is a possibility of hunting down some more police officers in this incident. It is learned that action has already been taken against the police officers of the crossroads police station. An investigation into the Mariyamma lockup death incident is still ongoing.

Uday Kiran, son of Mariyamma of Komatlagudem near Chintakani in Khammam district, was arrested and interrogated by the Yadadri district crossroads police following a complaint that his friend Shankar had stolen from his house. According to their testimony, Mariam was also later arrested by the police.

Mariamma, her son Uday and his friend Shankar were brought to the station at 7.45 am on June 18. The trial is complete. They pleaded guilty immediately at trial. The money stolen from them was recovered. However, Mariyamma fainted at the police station the next day. She died on the way to Bhubaneswar hospital, police said in an FIR.

If this is the case, ”the police beat me and our mother badly. We confessed that we did not commit the crime as soon as they hit us hard. Our mother fell on my knees with the beatings by police. She died there, “said Mariyamma’s son Uday. Uday said he and his mother were beaten by police at the crossroads, Chintakani station.

Meanwhile, Dalit leaders and leaders of opposition parties on hearing the news of Mariyamma’s death raised concerns on a large scale. Mariamma called for lockup death and demanded that strict action be taken against the concerned authorities. The Rachakonda commissioner then ordered the suspension of the SI. Malkajgiri appointed ACP as the investigating officer. Recently, the district superintendent of police issued orders transferring Chintakani SI Uma.

If this is the case, unlike the lockup deaths in Telangana in the past, the CM KCR has shown a special initiative in this case. The DGP was directed to consult the victim’s family. The Chief Minister announced compensation to the victim’s family members.

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