Lockdown in Telangana State will not be imposed under any circumstances

Lockdown in Telangana State

Lockdown in Telangana State will not be imposed under any circumstances: KCR Review on corona conditions.

It is a known fact that many states are already moving towards lockdown in the wake of the increasing number of corona cases. Will a lockdown in Telangana state be imposed in this order? There was a discussion. However, recently Telangana Chief Minister KCR clarified the matter. 

K Chandrasekhar Rao has made it clear that Lockdown in Telangana State will not be imposed under any circumstances. He said the imposition of the lockdown would paralyze public life and threaten the collapse of the state’s economy. The decision was taken by the Chief Minister after considering the past experiences and the fact that lockdowns in other states have not reduced the number of positive cases.

KCR discusses with Modi.

The CM, who spoke to Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the phone about the supply of oxygen remedies to vaccines required by the state, asked him to help the state immediately. 

The Prime Minister pointed out that the state was not getting the allotted oxygen from Sriperumbudur in Tamil Nadu to Ballari in Karnataka. He said that in the wake of Hyderabad becoming a medical hub, people from border states are also relying on Hyderabad for medical services. 

The CM explained that the burden has increased due to the people’s arrival for treatment in Hyderabad from states like Maharashtra, Chhattisgad, Karnataka, and Andhra Pradesh. 

The CM told the Prime Minister that 50 percent of the corona patients coming from other states in addition to the population of Telangana are having an impact on the availability of medication like oxygen and vaccine Remdesivir in Hyderabad. 

Under these circumstances, the state is currently receiving only 440 metric tonnes of oxygen per day and asked the Prime Minister to increase it to 500 metric tonnes. He said that only 4900 remedies were being received in Telangana per day and asked to increase them to at least 25000 per day. 

He said that so far the Center has provided 50 lakh doses but the requirement is more in view of the state needs. The state needs 2 to 2.5 lakh doses of vaccines every day and CM KCR urged Prime Minister Modi to supply them as soon as possible.

However, with the dismissal of CM KCR, Union Minister Piyush Goel spoke to CM KCR on the instructions of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. 

Union Minister Piyush Goel assured that all the matters reported to KCR would be brought to the notice of the state soon and steps would be taken for expeditious supply of oxygen vaccine remedy. Oxygen will be supplied to Karnataka from the eastern states and not from Tamil Nadu.

KCR High-Level Review on Corona Conditions.

The CM held a high-level review on corona conditions at Pragati Bhavan on Thursday. Boinapally Vinod Kumar, Vice-Chairman, Planning Commission, Somesh Kumar, Chief Secretary to Government, Ramakrishna Rao, Chief Secretary, Finance, Bhupal Reddy, Chief Secretary, CMO, Rajasekhar Reddy, Special Superintendent, CMO Corona, Rizvi, Chief Secretary, Health, Srinivasa Rao, DME Ramesh Reddy, Karunakar Reddy, Chandrasekhar, DME Reddy Gangadhar, and others participated. On this occasion, the CM gave a thorough review of the corona conditions prevailing in the state. How much oxygen is currently being received and how much is still needed? To what extent are vaccines available. How much is needed per day? The extent to which the remedy is being administered is fully discussed, along with the need for state needs per day as well as the availability of oxygen and beds.

Covid medical kits for people at home

The CM urged the people not to panic over the Corona case. People should make use of the medical kits provided by the government in advance so that anyone does not have to worry about tests if they have any doubts. Asha workers will delivers door-to-door through ANMs. It will be accompanied by a pamphlet explaining the precautions to be taken for the control of corona spread.

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Telangana Corona Emergency Contact Information:

For Free Ambulance (Cyberabad)



For Free cab Services (Rachakonda)


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