Lockdown has started in Nirmal, Telangana

Lockdown has started in Nirmal, imposed by the government

Lockdown has started in Nirmal, imposed by the government:

Lockdown has started in Telangana. Shops in various districts of the state, including Hyderabad, were closed from 10 a.m. this morning as the lockdown relaxation came to an end. Other activities stalled. Minister of State for Forests and Environment Justice Indrakaran Reddy reviewed the implementation of the lockdown imposed by the government on the coronavirus spread. 

Lockdown in Nirmal town on Wednesday, along with officials monitored how the government was implementing the relaxation. He suggested that traders and small traders should work together to ensure that people follow the rules.

As part of the implementation of the lock-down rules at this time, the lock-down rules should be strictly enforced, indicating that the personnel performing duties on the roads should take proper care of their health.

People were told not to leave the house unless absolutely necessary, to wear gloves, to wear a face mask, to keep a social distance, to take their belongings and to go home immediately, and to enforce the lockdown rules.

He also inspected the various development works taking place in Nirmal town. Minister Indira Reddy was accompanied by Municipal Chairman Ishwar, police, and other departmental officials.

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Telangana Corona Emergency Contact Information:

For Free Ambulance (Cyberabad)



For Free cab Services (Rachakonda)


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